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flavour of dubai fashion

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Dubai is known to be a land of multiculturalism. Modern architecture and minimalistic designs around the city have influenced designers to come up with various fashion designs. As such to be specific, Dubai does not possess a special genre of fashion, unlike London and Paris.


Here it consists of almost every cross-culture fashion trend varying from different tastes and preferences of people around the city. The city also organizes Dubai Fashion weeks now and then, to introduce various genres of fashion and designs.


The fashion industry of Dubai has shown a consistent rise in its share towards its apparel. Dubai contributes over 30% of its GDP market. This city is known to possess luxury and retail items that have its maximum share from the Middle East.


The Dubai Mall is known to be one of the famous malls, which owns luxury items and contributes half of the GDP towards the economy’s share. The powerful growth of this city mainly includes e-commerce and retail backgrounds, as the contribution from UAE is about 47% of only fashion.


The middle east couture consists of a variety of colorful apparel, for both and women, which included styles from not only intense Arabian culture, but also a mix of western touch too. Though for an idea of a modest dress one can only imagine a Hijab for women and white striped robes for men.

The choice of clothes does not only depend on culture or tradition, but the factors other than these are also: 

  • Age 
  • Social class
  • Location

In Middle eastern regions including Dubai, age and locations play a major factor in differentiating fashion choices. Young men and women are often seen relying on western clothes on normal days, while they shift to traditional outfits on family occasions such as weddings, or religious functions such as pilgrimage.


The older section of the society is often seen to rely on traditional outfits on every occasion. Also here locations play a part, sometimes an older section of the society is also observed to be wearing western outfits over Western ones. Coming to Social Class, The western outfit is mainly preferred by families belonging to the upper and middle class. Among popular neighborhoods, people are often observed to be restricting themselves


Emirati women clothing

  • Fashion in Dubai, often also known as Emirati Clothing. The fashion here is somewhat complex to be matched along with other parts.
  • Mainly the Abaya is famous here. As burqas were a must for women here, now they have transformed into beautiful abayas with embroidered sequins. 

Emirati men clothing

  • Normally they are seen in white attire, which consists of an upper and a lower part.
  • The upper part is known as the Shemagh, which basically comes off with red or black striped. It is an upper part that is let loose above the shoulders. 
  • The lower part is known to be the Kandora, which consists of a long tassel type structure.
  • Sometimes men sport off a hat or an American styled cap along with the pandora as well, to include the style.

Designers of Dubai

There are famous designers who have originated in Dubai, introducing to the Arab couture around the world. Dubai has received the stamp of The Milan of the Middle-East Dubai organizes the Arab fashion Week, where designers all over the world have a summit and are making way to the Fashion industry better than before. It showcases a high profile designer show, among the other fashion capitals, London, Paris, and New York.

They are now considered to be worldwide fashion influencers. Designers around the world have reported saying, they feel a positive vibe and creative energy while being a part of the Arab fashion week. They also added, the one factor that attracts them, are the options for diversity. Few of the famous designers that can be named topping the middle east designer levels.


This was started by Faiza Bouguessa, who is based in France, and brought up by Arab parents. Now known to be one of the top fashion designers among UAE. The designs of Bouguessa has attracted artists such as Beyonce, Priyanka Chopra. Also worn by Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, to the recent Cannes festival, 2019.



Designer, Maha Rasheed started Bambah as the venture of a vintage boutique, 10 years from now. The idea of fitting vintage fashion in Dubai was easy, as Dubai is a young market and is prone to new ideas. Hence the culture of the vintage boutique was introduced to Dubai, which now became one of the best-known styles of Abu Dhabi. The Queen Rania of Jordan and Amal Clooney has accomplished the couture of Bambah, to one of their occasions.

Arwa Al Banawi:

Designer, Arwa is based in Saudi. She has caught all the buzz mainly in the young generation. Her styling basically involves traditional clothing, modernized in one new outfit. She dropped her first design in 2015. She believes, that her designed clothing would be received by all sections of the society. Recently she designed an Abaya, in a sporty modernized form, which includes a hoodie as well. (picture left). This design has received lots of praise and Awards to Arwa. 


Madiya Al Sharaqui:

She is based in Fujairah. She is known to be designing lavish outfits for women, featuring aesthetic pastels and fabrics. Her innovation towards evening wear and daywear caught eyeballs to international retailers as well. She recently was awarded the Moda Operandi.


These are few of the fashion trends in Dubai, that keep freshening up every year. Fashion shows have showcased various other designers too in this journey of an uncommon genre of not-so-regular clothing. Progressing with fashion every year, Arab designers have still a lot to offer to the fashion industry, it is also not far away, that Dubai may be considered as one of the top leading fashion industries in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answering to these questions above, well, these questions are mere stereotypes that people often believe from an upper angle. To specify these points - Hijab is not worn by every woman in Dubai or parts of Arab, it is also not a dress on a whole, it is a headscarf.

All over there are 4 types of hijab, namely

  • Shayla: It is a type of veil which is one overall. It is pinned beautifully towards the chin, continues to the shoulder. 
  • Al-Amira: It is a veil, which consists of 2 parts. It consists of a robe and a headscarf. It is widely spotted among the women of the Muslim community in Southeast Asia.
  • Niqab: This is found among a few sections of the society. The hijab here has a headscarf tied behind, continues as an overall. 
  • Khimar: It is a total overall, which even covers the face. Very few women are seen wearing this daily.

Every woman, do not wear a burqa all the time. This rule was only imposed as necessary to women of Pakistan and Afghanistan, not Arabian countries. Some women follow their traditional methods, others do not. Every man does not wear colored headscarves and white robes. Men mainly belonging to the Gulf area are seen in this outfit.

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