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UAE is home to more than 8 million migrants. These migrants play an important role in the country’s economic growth and development. The government of the UAE understands the significance of foreign nationals and is taking every measure to make sure that the migrants can live conveniently, requiring them to complete the least possible legal procedures while they are living in the country. 

The government has taken an important measure in this direction, which is, issuing a Golden Visa to a specific group of people(mentioned below). This will make sure that the competent and skilled migrants in UAE do not have to go through the process of Visa renewal again and again. If you are not completely aware of the Golden Visa and want to learn how to apply for it, then read the complete article.

Who Can Apply For A Golden Visa in 2024?

1. Investors

An investor can apply for the Golden Visa assuming they satisfy at least one of the given circumstances:

  • Made a venture of at least AED Two Million in the land area of the UAE
  • Bought appropriately at the very least AED Two Million in esteem
  • Bought a property with a credit from a predetermined public bank
  • Bought off-plan property, actually worth AED 2 Million, from a supported nearby land organization.

2. Entrepreneurs

Maturing and capable business visionaries can apply for a Golden Visa if they satisfy any of the following conditions:

  • Own or accomplice in a beginning up enrolled as an SME(Small Medium Enterprise) in UAE and the endeavor makes an income of at least AED One Million
  • Assuming the business person has a promising business concept that has been endorsed by the Ministry of Economy or an authorized business incubator.
  • Established a venture that was sold for at least AED Seven Million.


3. Extraordinary Talents

The UAE government recognizes the significance of individual abilities and thus allows Golden Visa to talented and skilled people. Designers, inventors, and extraordinarily gifted individuals from fields like culture, sports, arts, and advanced innovation can apply for the Visa.
The visa nomination for such people depends on recommendations from the concerned authorities. 

4. Researchers and Scientist

Researchers and scientists with high accomplishment and skill in their respective fields can apply for Golden Visa if the Emirates Scientists Council suggests their profile. The fundamental qualification for them is to have a Ph.D. or on the other hand Master's certification from the best universities in the world.

5. Professionals

Exceptionally qualified professionals with vast experience and expertise in their respective fields can apply for a Golden visa if they;

  • have a month-to-month compensation of at least AED 30,000
  • hold a substantial work contract in UAE
  • hold a recognized degree

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6. Exceptional Students

Top performing students in UAE's higher secondary schools and exceptional alumni from the main hundred colleges overall can apply for a Golden Visa. The application will be evaluated on basis of the academic performance of the applicants

7. Philanthropist and Humanitarian Pioneer

The UAE government recognizes the significance of social workers and philanthropic individuals and hence gives them the chance to apply for a Golden Visa. Following humanitarian workers can apply:

  • Recipient of a global honor in the field of compassionate work
  • A remarkable individual from a global or regional society's welfare association

E-Services To Apply For Golden Visa

So now you know who can get a golden visa, now you might be wondering how to apply for UAE Golden Visa. An eligible candidate can apply for the visa through the official website Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security only.

1. Applying for Service Card

It is a service under which an entry permit is issued for 6 months, which can be extended for a similar period to facilitate the completion of procedures for obtaining a golden residency

2. Tracking Application

It also provides services to track your application once it is completed 


Before Applying For A Golden Visa

An application for Golden Visa can be made only when the aspiring candidate fulfills the required eligibility. So if you also aspire for a Golden Visa, you may need to either invest in the country or choose it as your destination for work/studies. Anyways, the first thing you will need to do is apply for a regular visa. To apply for your visa in no time, apply through Dubai E Visa Online.


The UAE’s immigration department has laid down various e-services to apply for visas. Just make sure that you fulfill the required eligibility and you can easily apply for the Golden Visa. 

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