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Dubai is a city with a great tourist and expatriate population. It is famous for luxury and its vibrant culture. It has the most beautiful landmarks and Dubai is the second country in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to have the highest population. Dubai attracts many people and it has everything that suits the wants and desires of each one of us. One can find tall buildings, adventure, and can also delve into the traditional Emirati and Arabian culture while enjoying luxury.


Dubai fosters creativity and encourages people with skills. As the city does not make you pay taxes, many people express interest to work in Dubai. It is the tourist hub as the government of Dubai works intensively to enhance the tourism industry and tourist attractions.

What is VFS global and its role in the Dubai visa application?

There are many ways that you can apply Dubai visa. One such company that helps you to apply for a Dubai visa is the VFS global (Visa Facilitation Services). In 2002, Emirates collaborated with VFS global. The collaboration helped VFS global to launch a Dubai Visa Processing Center” (DVPC).


The DVPC launched by VFS global assists in processing the United Arab Emirates (UAE) visas. It has twenty-nine branches in sixteen countries. Now VFS global also created an online presence for itself.

Why is it hard to apply for a Dubai visa on VFS global?

VFS Global has set up itself in the visa facilitation services and has attained the support of a few government countries across the globe. There are a few difficulties to apply for a Dubai visa when you apply through VFS global. They are:

  • Obtaining a Dubai visa will take a very long time: VFS global is slow in carrying out the visa application process. It takes very long for the VFS global to process your visa and you will get your visa very late.VFS global takes at least fifteen days to just inform you if your application is approved or not. The general time that VFS global takes to give a Dubai visa is thirty-days or a month. There are a few instances that VFS global also takes two months or sixty days to complete the process of visa. One might need a visa urgently or a person cannot plan his or her trip sixty days in advance. VFS global fails in the time constraint.


  • Losing an appointment can cost you one day: One should book an appointment if he or she has to apply for a visa in the Dubai Visa Processing Centers (DVPC). If one does not appear in the scheduled time due to some emergency one will not be able to select another appointment at the DVPC till another day or twenty-four hours.
  • Not 24/7 live web chat access for applying to Dubai or any visa: The website or the app of VFS global does not have a comfortable chat option. The officers that help in the live chat are busy most of the time. Your live webchat request is to be attended by them.


  • No information about the fourteen-day single entry visa: The VFS global does not show any option of the fourteen-day single entry Dubai visa.
  • Does not have details about the visa and stay validity, and processing time: All the details about the Dubai visa like the stay or visa validity and the time to process each visa are not mentioned clearly.
  • They ask you to download the app: You have to install the app of VFS global to apply for a visa. It can take up space on your mobile phone which can be a concern to a few people.

What does VFS global ask to apply for a Dubai visa?

  1. You have to submit a colored passport photo.
  2. One copy of a colored passport that is valid for a minimum of six months.
  3. One copy of your flight ticket from Emirates.
  4. Application form of your Dubai visa.

There are a few other online websites that are providing visa service for Dubai. Dubai e visa online is one such website that allows you to apply for a Dubai visa very conveniently and effortlessly. It can be considered as the most trusted for Dubai visa applications.

Why should you apply for a visa through Dubai E Visa Online and how is it better?

Dubai E Visa Online provides great customized services to the applicants. One has various reasons for applying for a Dubai visa through this website. They are:

  1. One does not have to download an app to apply for a Dubai visa. Applying for a visa is done in just three tireless steps.
  2. Dubaievisonline provides a very swift service. It can help one get his or her visa in two to seven working days!
  3. The website also has a live web chat option that is accessible every day and every minute. Expert webchat staff is always ready to answer your queries. 
  4. Dubai E Visa Online provides an option of the fourteen-day single entry Dubai e visa, which the VFS global website does not mention.
  5. The website provides a person with all the details like the number of days a visa is valid and the number of days you have the stay validity, and also the processing time.
  6. Dubai E Visa Online is tailored to the needs of people who apply for a Dubai visa and meets all the expectations that people have about a tireless visa application.
  7. Many people have received visas using this website and the customer satisfaction is great.
  8. After you apply for the Dubai visa you can check your status easily and also get a mail after your visa is approved which happens 99% of the time. 
  9. Dubai E Visa Online has provided visas to people successfully even during this COVID-19 pandemic.
  10. It provides visas efficiently as it has expert legal and visa processing employees, and everything can be done through this online platform. You can also book your tours and hotels.

One will know a greater amount of the efficiency of Dubai E Visa Online after applying through it.

Frequently Asked Questions

VFS global uses Bluedart to send a courier. Your documents are delivered to you in ten to fifteen days.

Yes, one needs to have travel insurance for a Dubai visit visa. It is recommended by travel experts in case of covering you during emergencies

One can refund the Dubai visa application fees when you cancel your visa in one-day or twenty-four hours. If one’s visa is rejected by the UAE, he or she will not get a refund.

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