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dubai visa for us citizens everything to know

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Dubai, with its luxurious malls and bold architecture, is without a doubt, one of the most popular tourist destinations from people across the planet.

With around 20 million visitors traveling to Dubai every year, Dubai is known for its rich history.

If you are from the United States (US) and want to travel to Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), then this guide has got you covered.

From visa application to required documents, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about Dubai Visa for US citizens.


Dubai Visa for US citizens

People traveling from different countries have to need to satisfy the conditions for entering the Emirates. However, there are some countries that do not require a visa to enter Dubai.

These countries are Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.

When it comes to the United States of America, you do not need a visa to enter Dubai only if you have a regular passport.

You also need to fulfill the following documents:

  • Original passport (should not expire in 6 months of your arrival in UAE)

  • Confirmed airline tickets (both ways)

These Visas are only valid for a month and you can get them on arrival.

If you wish to stay for longer than a month, you need to get in touch with the immigration officials or visit the visa application centers in Dubai (also known as typing centers) and apply for your visa.


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How to apply for Dubai Visa?

There are two ways to apply for a Dubai Visa. One is the offline method and the other is the online method.

1. Application Form
  • Online: If you are applying for Dubai Visa online, you need to go to your agency’s website and fill the visa application form online and then proceed to the next step.

  • Offline: If you are applying for Dubai Visa offline, you can download the application form online and fill it up and then submit it to a visa application center near you. Or you can directly visit a visa application center and ask for the form there.


2. Process
  • Step one: Select the type of Visa you want to apply for. There are various types of visas available as per your visa validity and stay validity.


Types of Visa
Type of Visa Visa Category No. of  Entry Visa Validity Stay Validity Processing Time Visa Fee Service Fee
14 Days Visa Business Visa Single Entry 58 Days 14 Days 4-5 Days 154 USD 26 USD
48 Hours Visa Transit Visa Single Entry 14 Days 48 Hour 4-5 Days 50 USD 26 USD
96 Hours Visa Transit Visa Single Entry 14 Days 96 Hour 4-5 Days 130 USD 26 USD
30 Days Visa Tourist Visa Single Entry 60 Days 30 Days 4-5 Days 164 USD 26 USD
30 Days Visa Tourist Visa Multiple Entry 60 Days 30 Days 4-5 Days 310 USD 26 USD
90 Days Visa Tourist Visa Single Entry 180 Days 90 Days 4-5 Days 500 USD 26 USD
90 Days Visa Tourist Visa Multiple Entry 180 Days 90 Days 4-5 Days 800 USD 26 USD
30 Days Extension Tourist Visa Single Entry 58 Days 30 Days 4-5 Days 500 USD 26 USD
A to A Visa Tourist Visa Single Entry 58 Days 30 Days 4-5 Days 500 USD 26 USD


  • Step two: apply for the visa online/offline, the application must look something like this.

  • Step three: Upload all of your documents online or submit the documents physically.

  • Step four: Pay your Visa fees through various payment modes available either online or in the visa application center.

  • Step five: Track your visa status.


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Documents required for Dubai Visa for US citizens

The following documents are required when you are applying for Dubai, UAE visa.

  • Passport: The travelers must have a passport that is valid for 6 months from their arrival in Dubai, UAE. You need to make sure that the passport is renewed if it is about to be expired in less than 6 months.

  • Scan/Copy of your passport: Make sure you have a scanned copy of your passport as it will be required during the online visa application process.

Make sure the copy of your passport is colored. It should contain the passport bio page and the last page. Details like name, name of father, name of mother or guardian, nationality, date of birth, place of birth, passport number, 

  • Photograph: Make sure you carry passport size photographs. The size of this is 4.3 cm * 5.5 cm. Check if more than 80% of your face is visible or not. If not, it will not be accepted.

Only colored photographs with a plain white background are accepted.

  • Confirmed airline tickets: Confirmed tickets for your flight are required. If you are returning back to the country you came from, you also need to have a round trip ticket.

If you are traveling to a different nation from there, you need to have a ticket for it.


Additional documents you can have to speed up your visa processing time:
  • Host invitation letter: If someone is hosting you in the Emirates, you can get an invitation letter from the host along with a valid residency visa copy of the host.

  • Traveling history: If you have traveled to the United Arab Emirates before, you can present the entry/exit stamps of your passport along with the other documents.


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