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everything about dubai visa for turkey citizenship

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Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations with millions of people visiting it every year. But Dubai has some strict visa policies when it comes to people entering from the outside nations.


If you are a citizen of Turkey, you need a Dubai visa to enter the city of Dubai. There are various types of Dubai visa. The type of your visa depends on the duration and the purpose of your stay.

This article consists of all the answers to your questions regarding Dubai visa for Turkish citizens.

What are the different types of visa available for Turkish nationals

You are eligible for four distinct visa categories as a Turkish citizen. These include a 14-day transit visa, a 30-day visit visa, an express visit visa, which allows Turkish residents to stay in the United Arab Emirates for 30 days, and a 90-day tourist visa.

What are the documents required to apply for UAE visa

You must submit a few documents to obtain a Dubai visa if you hold a Turkish passport. Among these are the following:

The scanned copy of the applicant's bio page from a passport that is at least six months old. One copy of a passport-size coloured photograph.
Documents pertaining to the reservation of a hotel Confirmed airline tickets with the departure and return dates

What are the steps to be taken to obtain Dubai visa

One of those select nations with strict visa regulations is the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is also a part of this nation; It has similar stringent regulations. You, as a Turkish citizen, might be curious about how to obtain a Dubai visa, just like other people do. To begin, keep in mind that applying for a Dubai visa online is a straightforward process. It only requires that you complete a form and submit all required documents in addition to the fee for processing your visa. If you want assistance obtaining a Dubai visa, the next step is best completed by contacting a reputable travel agent or visa agent.

How much does it cost to apply for UAE visa

The cost of getting a visa to Dubai depends on the kind of visa you want to apply for online. You need not be concerned about the costs associated with submitting your Dubai visa application. For each class of visa, the application fees are set in stone.

What information do you need to provide to get the visa

Numerous fields on the visa application form will be marked with an asterisk. For the visa application to be processed, you must provide those mandatory details. The following are examples of such fields: Your full name, email address, Contact number and nationality. The type of visa you want processed (normal or urgent). The date you plan to travel.


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