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How to apply Dubai Visa for Norwegian Citizens online

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Visa necessities for Norwegian residents are regulatory passage limitations by the authorities of different states set on residents of Norway. Starting at 13 April 2021, Norwegian residents had without visa or visa on appearance admittance to 186 nations and domains, positioning the Norwegian identification eighth by and large as far as movement opportunity (attached with the Czech Republic, Greece, and Malta) as indicated by the Henley Passport Index.

As a part of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), Norwegian residents appreciate the opportunity of development to live and work in other EFTA nations as per the EFTA convention. Moreover, by prudence of Norway's participation in the European Economic Area (EEA), Norwegian residents additionally appreciate the opportunity of development inside all EEA part states. The Citizens' Rights Directive characterizes the right of free development for residents of the EEA,and all EFTA and EU residents are visa-excluded as well as are legitimately qualified for enter and live in one another's nations.

To make a trip to another country, a Norwegian resident requires a visa, besides inside the Nordic Passport Union, where no character card is officially required. Notwithstanding, a character card, for example, a Norwegian driving permit is valuable. An identification is likewise not needed for holders of the Norwegian public personality card for movement to EU or EFTA nations, just as certain different nations.

There are four states that are members of EFTA are:- 

  1. Iceland
  2. Liechtenstein
  3. Norway
  4. Switzerland

Citizens of one EFTA member state may get entrance without a visa on an ordinary passport.

But Dubai is not included in the EFTA country so Norwegian citizens needed a Dubai visa for entrance into Dubai. So Norwegian must follow the step for Dubai e visa online.

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Dubai e visa requirements

  1. Copy of Norway Passport that is the required for bio page of the candidate and candidate needs to provide a cleared copy having 6 months remaining validity
  2. One Photo of each applicant required to provide a clear colour photo of themselves.

Note :- Black and white photo are strictly will not be accepted.

  1. Provide proper hotel booking details before visiting dubai. Also provide additional documents if you are coming with family members, relatives and with other candidates.

Apply Dubai e visa online

1. Pick Your Living And Citizenship Country. 

Almost every one of the nations for Dubai Visa so you can pick your living and citizenship country starting from the drop.

2. Type Of Visa 

Different kinds of visa like tourist Visa, transit Visa, and long term visa. Candidates can choose 48 hours, 96 hours, 14 Days Visa and Long term visa, 30 Days single entry visa, 30 Days different entry visa, 60 Days visa, 90 Days single entry, 90 Days various entries.

There are three main types of visa if travelers applied through Dubai e visa online.

  1. Tourist visa - Tourist visa is available for 30 days - single entry, 14 days - single entry, 30 days - multiple entry, 90 days - single entry, 90 days - multiple entry, 30 days - visa extension, 90 days visa extension and these are available for single entry only, 7 days visa - single entry, and dubai visa expo - single entry. 
  2. Transit visa - Transit visa is available for 96 hours with single entry and another one is is of 96 hours, single entry with 4 to 5 processing days.
  3. Long term visa - Long term visa is available for 2 years long term visa and another one is available for 3 years investor visa.

3. Fill Dubai Visa Application Form 

Travelers need to fill this visa application structure for Dubai e visa online. Assuming you wish to add numerous entries, you can add more candidates alongside your application. Transfer your vital archives like visa filter duplicate, photo, lodging/ hotel and flight booking. 

4. Pay Visa Fee

Pay your Dubai visa fees online. Once Norwegian citizens submit their application then they will get a choice for the payment for Dubai visa they will need to wait for the payment mode such as debit card, credit card, PayPayl etc.

5. Track Dubai Visa Status

Once Norwegian citizens submit their application form documents then they can track their Dubai e visa application status After their approval of Dubai visa then they will get an option for download through link sent in their registered email ID.

Note :- Norwegian citizens are requested to wait at least 3 to 4 days for their Dubai visa approval.

After applying all the processes related to Dubai e visa online. Norwegian citizens are ready to enter in the world of Dubai.

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Travelers are recommended to apply their Dubai visa application form online through Dubai e visa online to get the 100% visa approval with guaranteed customer satisfaction and get Dubai visa approved within 48 to 96 hours.

Apply Dubai Visa

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