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dubai visa for indians living in thailand

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Dubai E Visa Online will help you get that one visa to go to Dubai in order to enjoy your summer. This Dubai visa for Indian living in Thailand will let all the Indian residents who are based in Thailand to travel to Dubai. This visa will also allow a person to cross the border of Thailand to Dubai. But this visa also tends to have a lot of confusion in a lot of people’s minds who will be applying for one. While some will be doubtful about the Dubai visa documents that are needed while there are others who would want to check what is eligibility criteria in order to get the Dubai visa.


Q. Is it possible for an Indian passport holder who is based in Thailand to apply for a Dubai visa and also to sponsor for a Dubai family residency visa?

While you as an Indian based from Thailand can get a Dubai visa applied for yourself, you cannot stand as a sponsor for a Dubai family residency visa. This is because a sponsor can only be a person who is a citizen of Dubai. If this condition is not fulfilled then you cannot sponsor others’ visas.

Q. If my Indian passport has a Thailand visa stamped on and I am going to Dubai will it be possible to get my visa stamped if there are only two pages left blank?

Yes if you have two pages left on your Indian passport on arriving at Dubai, then you can still get the Dubai visa stamped onto your passport.

Q. Is Dubai in august a good idea, if I am applying for a Dubai corporate visa from Thailand, and if I am an Indian passport holder?

Yes if you are on a Dubai corporate visa to conduct business in Dubai then you can travel to Dubai in August, as not only are the fees for the visa low but you will get affordable and confirmed airline ticket options as well.

Q. Is it essential for an Indian from Thailand to check for the originality of the visa that has been applied from Dubai E Visa Online?

While the Dubai visa that you get from Dubai E Visa Online is something that has been approved by the ministry of home affairs and hence you need not worry whether the visa is original or fake. However, you can still check for the originality of the visa as well.

Q. What are the residence visa options for an Indian living in Thailand and is wishing to shift to Dubai with family?

If you are an Indian and are willing to shift to Dubai along with your family you can apply for either a 2-year long family residency visa or even for a 5-year long term visa. However, for these visas, you must keep the documents required to apply for a long term visa readied.

Q. Soon I will be traveling to Dubai from Thailand and I am in doubt about the safety measures in Dubai, how safe is it for an Indian who is based in Thailand?

Honestly, safety in Dubai has never been a worry when you travel to Dubai. It might be even safer than in Thailand.

Q. Will there be about 10 steps to finish the visa application process through Dubai E Visa Online if I am applying for a Dubai visa from Thailand?

If you are applying for a Dubai visa from Thailand then you will only need a matter of minutes to finish the entire application form and it will only take three easy steps to finish the entire process through Dubai E Visa Online.

This is how you apply for a Dubai visa for Indian residing in Thailand.

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