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Well, now that you are living in France and is up for a trip to the dreamland Dubai, you might think, now that I have changed my place of stay do I need to wait for a visa to arrive in order to travel to Dubai. Well, even if you are an Indian staying in France you will have to take a Dubai visa for Indians living in France to travel to Dubai. This however can be done with just some help being made available from Dubai E Visa Online’s side. For this, you might have to reach out and ask questions. These questions will also be covered from our side as well, which means you can just take a look at the information and get to know whether you have the same doubts!


Q. Is it possible for me to get a visa that will be valid for no more than a month after I have traveled from France to Dubai?

Yes, if you are an Indian resident living in France then you can get a 30 days Dubai visa being made available for you. This visa will be a single entry one which means that you can only get a single entry once you travel from France to Dubai.

Q. Will there be a form of sorts that must be filled in order for a visa to be issued under my name if I am applying for a Dubai visa from France if I am an Indian resident?

Yes, you will get an online visa application form that has been designed especially for your visa type which can be filled in to get the visa issued under your name after you have applied for it from France.

Q. Is the Dubai visa for an Indian living in France the same as the Dubai visa that is Indian applied from India?

While the Dubai visa type options that you get will be the same there will be some changes made to the procedure that is being carried out for an Indian residing in France applying for a Dubai visa from an Indian who will be applying for one from India.

Q. Is there a way I can get the visa that I want to apply for from Dubai E Visa Online if I am an Indian who is wishing to apply for one from France?

Yes, you can get a visa through Dubai E Visa Online through some of the most simple steps that are being followed to get the application of a visa done. This will also include some steps and will also need some documents that an Indian must submit in order for the application to be processed through Dubai E Visa Online.

Q. What are the chances that an Indian who is living in France can travel to Dubai without even taking a visa?

One thing to be noted if you are an Indian who is living in France is that you are from a country eligible for Dubai visa and hence need to take a visa to travel to Dubai. This means no Indian residing in France can travel to Dubai without a visa.

Q. What can I do if I want to stay for a longer time than a month but do not want to stay for more than 6 months in Dubai if I am an Indian traveling form France?

If you are an Indian traveling from France to Dubai and want to stay in Dubai for no longer than six months then you can apply for the 90 days Dubai visa that will allow you to stay for about 90 days which means for about 3 months after you have entered the country.

With this now you can travel to Dubai by just applying for a Dubai visa for Indians living in France.

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