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everything about dubai visa for indian nationals working in saudi arabia

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If you are one of those citizens who are Indian and residing in Saudi Arabia then you might have had to ask at least once whether do you need a visa to Dubai or not? Well, this is a quite common question but the answer is quite simple and it is that you can definitely apply for a Dubai visa for Indians living in Saudi Arabia and don’t worry as Dubai E Visa Online with its services aim at clearing all such worries. We at Dubai E Visa Online also make it sure that you do not have to go through an extensive process to finish off the visa application. Dubai also is known as the dream world is now also opening its facilities even during these difficult times and hence you can now travel without any problems with just getting some points that you need to know before traveling to Dubai from our team of experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes according to what the Dubai visa policy states, the resident of Saudi Arabia who belongs to India must take a visa before traveling to Dubai. This means that you will have to take one before you actually travel. This means that you are an eligible citizen who must take a Dubai visa before traveling to Dubai.

Yes, there was a high impact on tourism due to coronavirus, however, now that the things have been subsiding slowly, there have been improvements being made to make sure that all travelers can travel safely to Dubai from Saudi Arabia.

If you are here on a 14 days visa then you might want to check out the Dubai shopping festival which is considered to be one of the largest festivals in Dubai. You can also check out the Dubai food festival which is equally famous for all of the cuisines being produced from around the world.

Yes even if you are traveling from Saudi Arabia and just going to have a short stopover in Dubai you can still take a look at the places that Dubai has to offer for its tourists with the help of a 3 days Dubai visa. This short visa stay will also let you take a look at the theme parks in Dubai that are available. You might also want to visit Dubai during May month as you will also have a fair share of the wonders in Dubai.


If you are a traveler from Saudi Arabia who is an Indian and are willing to travel to Dubai then it will definitely be recommended to take travel insurance so that you do not face any unexpected problems while traveling.

No, you can definitely end your whole day of traveling by having some night fun in Dubai with some of the best night clubs in Dubai. You can also go for some hotel bookings in Dubai that will be quite a luxurious experience as well for your rest in Dubai.

Well, yes you can definitely have some of the most adventurous journeys while on a Dubai visa. You can also watch an international boat show after getting tired of all of the adventures that you have here in Dubai.

That’s it now with just a Dubai visa for Indian residing in Saudi Arabia you can have some fun to the max as well!

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