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Dubai has always been a place where people find their dreams and ambitions, but what about the weather? Well, the truth is it can be too hot at times, and at times it can be too cold. But don't worry as there is also a season where you might feel pleasant as well, and travelling to Dubai on this pleasant weather is an absolute option which you can make sure of but only if you have a Dubai visa for Cape Verde passport holders! Dubai Visa Application Form might actually scare some of you while others might think it is not a big deal. Well, whatever you might think of taking a visa, it is an absolute essential, and here is Dubai E Visa Online to help you get it.


  • Travel insurance and COVID-19
  • Dubai international airport
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Travel insurance and COVID-19

  1. Travelling around the world is a dream only some can make happen, but the thing is that this can now be your chance to discover the whole world. But discovering is all fine until you take good care of your health and for this having travel insurance is a must. Also with a lot of insurances coming your way. It is natural that you will not be able to decide on which one to be picked. And hence to solve out this problem, here are some points that you might want to take a look at while booking for your travel insurance for Dubai visa:
  • Speaking the truth about health: It is important that any questions asked about your health must be answered truthfully or else there are chances that your insurance claim can be declined once they have found out you have lied.
  • Levels of coverage:?It is also important that you check all of the levels which have been insured by the policy provider, sometimes they just give a cover for your health while all other will be your expense. Make sure you get the right coverage.
  • The policy covering destinations:?Make sure your policy that you take will cover your insurance to Dubai as well. As there are some that do not provide for travellers who will be travelling to Dubai.

With this being said, in the age of COVID-19, it is a must that you take travel insurance to be it for any purpose.

Dubai international airport

While travelling you are most likely to land at Dubai international airport, however, you can also come in through any other airports with a valid Dubai visa. This is because once you take a Dubai visa you will be allowed to enter through any of the airports in the whole of emirates. Also just like the whole of Dubai, you can also discover a lot of things while you stay here at the airport. Here is a list you would want o do in the airport on your next visit:

  • You can have quality family time in the airport with the family zone section in terminal 3
  • Exhaustion can be taken away by having a fun time jumping up and down in the trampolines!
  • Eat all you want with all of the various options you get at the airport.

With these things and more to do you are sure to not get bored while here.

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