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A big challenge does lie ahead the moment you have decided to travel to Dubai and have a short weekend. But here is what makes it even more adventurous, the whole idea of having the whole Dubai discovered in just a small number of days though it might seem impossible is not really that hard! Once you get your Dubai visa for Benin passport holder and jump on your flight to travel to Dubai, you will literally forget when did you reach and when did the whole trip end. To your this very small trip to Dubai, Dubai E Visa Online will serve its best of services so that even if it may be a small weekend trip it stays in your mind for more than a hundred years!


  • 3 days Dubai tourist visa for Benin passport holders
  • Travelling Dubai in three days
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3 days Dubai tourist visa for Benin passport holders

While this seems quite impossible, this 3 days Dubai tourist visa is the right visa for that one-time weekend trip to Dubai. Having a small period of time and having to see a whole lot of things in Dubai is something you might have never thought about. But to help you get this one trip to Dubai it was decided by the United Arab Emirates government to make this 3 days visa available. Not only can you enjoy this visa as a tourist, but you can also enter Dubai on another purpose such as if you have a residence visa and you want to renew it you can enter Dubai with this Dubai and then get it renewed. So this visa can be a multiple purpose Dubai visa depending on how you use it.

Travelling Dubai in three days

While travelling in Dubai and all is absolutely fine, what a lot of people want to know is that is Dubai safe to travel for tourists? Is that even a question to be asked! With a high level of security and a whole bunch of people who are really good to you, you need not worry when you travel to Dubai on a Dubai visa for three days. While the time for your travel in Dubai might be small here is how you can make the best out of Dubai tourism:

Day 1

Day 1 is quite hard to decide where to begin form and hence having a small breakfast to begin your day at the Arabian tea house will be the best option, followed by which you can start the sightseeing which will be starting from :

  • Fahidi historical place in Dubai 
  • wandering through Dubai creeks to reach the historical souq which also means the shops here in Dubai.
  • Next, you can take a look at the frame which is a part of the architecture in Zabeel Park.
  • The next stop that will be taken will be at La Mer beach to have a good sunbath
  • Have a look at the green planet before having lunch at one of the restaurants.
  • End your day with a beautiful sunset by Burj Khalifa

Day 2

Day 2 will have the following places:

  • Jumeirah Al Qar Hotel
  • Jumeirah beach
  • Building top pool 
  • Dubai miracle garden
  • Nadi Al Quoz
  • Madinat Jumeirah

Day 3

Day 3 can be ended with a whole day of sand dunes safari!


Frequently Asked Questions

When you see the word employer, it means that the person is the one that will be hiring you as an employee in the company.

When you get a Dubai visa issued there will be visa validity and stay validity clearly mentioned with which you can check whether your visa has run out or not.

No, you will not be eligible for a Dubai visa on arrival, as Dubai has not allowed Benin passport holder to get a Dubai visa on arrival.

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