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know about dubai driving the rules of the road in 2024

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The public transport network of Dubai runs under the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and Dubai police which play a key role in ensuring that the traffic rules and regulations have been followed strictly by the people. A system of white points will be awarded to those driving cars that abide by the traffic rules and regulations issued by the RTA, and similarly, black points will be awarded to those who break these rules and regulations. As per the new regulations, which came into effect on July 1, 2017, to protect lives and reduce traffic casualties, RTA is trying to reduce traffic from 6 per 100,000 people to 3 per 100,000 people.

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Driving eligibility in Dubai in 2024

One needs a valid international driving licence, a UAE licence, or a licence from an approved country to drive on Dubai roads, which are considered one of the best in the whole world. As in any other country, Dubai also follows its criteria to issue a driver's licence to its citizens, GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) nationals, and other nationalities.

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Below 21 years of age

If a driver's licence has been issued to the person below the age of 21 years, it will be valid only up to 1 year.

For 21 years of age and above

  • The issued license will be valid for up to 2 years for its citizens, GCC nationals, and other nationalities.
  • After the renewal, the license will be valid for up to 5 years for nationalities and 10 years for the citizens and GCC nationals.

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Rules and regulations to be followed while driving

1. Speed Limit

Generally, the speed limits are marked on the road signs clearly. However, the ideal speed limit varies depending on the type of road and area. Different speed limits are mentioned below which the drivers can follow:

  • Motorways- Maximum 100-120 km/hr and minimum 60 km/hr
  • Urban areas- 40-80 km/hr
  • Residential areas- 40 km/hr
  • Parking areas or services- 25km/hr

For those exceeding the speed limits will be fined accordingly:

  • AED 3000
  • 23 black points
  • The car will be impounded for 60 days

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2. Vehicle safety rules

Safety rules should be followed while driving to stay safe and not be fined.

  • All the people in the vehicle should wear seat belts irrespective of their sitting in the front or back seat.
  • Child safety seats should be provided in the vehicle for the children up to the age of four.
  • The ideal height of the front seat passenger should be at least 145 cm
  • The front passenger's age should not be less than 10 years.

Failed to comply with the first two points the vehicle will be fined with AED 400 and 4 black points. If a person is found using mobile phones then a fine of AED 800 and four black points will be imposed.

3. Overtaking

Drivers can't overtake a vehicle from the right side. Failed to comply so they will be fined. An overtaking from the left side is only permissible.

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4. Drink and drive

A hefty traffic fine, elimination of the vehicle, or even confinement and suspension of the driving license for one year will be faced if a person is found under the influence of drugs or alcohol while driving.

5. The behavior of the driver

Multiple initiatives have been taken by traffic authorities and municipal corporations to keep the city clean. If a driver is found with any of the inappropriate behavior then a fine of AED 1,000 and 6 black points will be imposed.

  1. Throwing waste material
  2. Driving without insurance or car registration
  3. Noisy vehicle
  4. Using expired tires
  5. Jaywalking
  6. Driving passengers illegally
  7. Hard shoulder overtaking
  8. Accident site crowding

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6. Stickers on cars

One should take permission from the authorities before placing stickers on the car as it is strictly banned not just in Dubai but across UAE. A person can?t even place a Car for Sale board on his vehicle.

7. Navigation signs

Navigation signs of green and blue signs can be seen if you are driving in Dubai. Green sign indicates the routes within Dubai and the blue sign for the routes connecting Dubai with other cities.

8. Below speed

If you are thinking that you will be fined only for high speed then you should definitely read the rules and regulations of Dubai where you will also be fined for driving too slow as it will disrupt the flow of traffic and can cause severe accidents.

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White point system

To motivate the drivers to abide by the traffic rules and regulations Dubai police in 2012 introduced a white point system. Under this system, whomsoever issued a driving license by the Dubai police will be rewarded with white points if they not:

  • Incur Salik and parking fines
  • Commit traffic violations in Dubai
  • Face traffic prosecution cases for an entire year

One can gather around 24 white points in one calendar year and can use the same once in the same calendar year for exchanging white points with black points. Canceling the impoundment of a vehicle, canceling a traffic violation which is clear of black points.

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Do's and Dont's of Dubai driving in 2024


  1. Buy a local sim card to use navigators like Smart Drive and syrgic.
  2. Buying a specialized CD which will give you all the information about the routes in Dubai.
  3. Make sure your driving is legal.
  4. 4 Dirhams an hour should be paid while parking the vehicle. There are not any parking fees between 13:00 and 16:00 during the day.
  5. In case of a car accident, you should immediately call 911 and report the case to the Dubai Police.
  6. The speed limit should be followed.

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  1. Never drive without a valid driving license
  2. Never try to bribe the policeman
  3. Don't exceed the maximum driving speed
  4. Never use mobile phones while driving
  5. Never overtake on the hard shoulder
  6. Never drink and drive

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Death trolls in Dubai traffic accidents

If you ever come across any accident, then it should be immediately reported to the Dubai police so that the severity of the accident can be assessed. If the police come across an accident and feel like a claim should be given, he will issue a green slip to the victim which can be given to the insurance companies in case the vehicle needs repair.

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