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do i need a transit visa at dubai international airport

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Do I need a transit visa at Dubai international airport? This now seems like a quite common question that is asked among the travellers. This needs to be cleared up and hence to get you that information which will help you understand when you need to apply for a transit visa and when it won’t be necessary for you to apply for one, Dubai E Visa Online has gathered information from its sources and presented it to you. When travelling is in the picture there is a lot of stuff to be handled at once which is why this question is deemed to be one of the most common ones.



  • When is a transit visa needed
  • Other types of visas for a stay in Dubai
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When is a transit visa needed

This is the most important thing to be understood by all, when do you actually need to take a transit visa in order to stay in the Dubai international airport and when do you need not take one. Once you understand this, you will be able for one yourself whenever you need one. A transit visa as the name itself indicates is needed when you transit through a place. But what is transiting? It is the time you stay for at an airport in between two flights. These two flights include the one that you come from the starting country and the flight that will take you to the end destination. This time needs you a permit to stay as this is a foreign country and hence a transit visa is issued for this purpose.

It is also found that this transit visa for Dubai international airport is not that important to be taken if your transit time will not be for more than eight hours. This means you can stay for free at the airport during this period. However, once the time limit gets crossed you will have to apply for a visa type.

Other Types of Visas for a stay in Dubai

If you are not transiting then this would indicate that you need not apply for a transit visa. But if you intend to enter Dubai after leaving the airport area you will have to apply for a visa that will come from the following Dubai Visa types:

Any one of the above types must have to be applied before you will be travelling to Dubai if you are not on a transit. The most common one being applied for when people travel to Dubai is the tourist visa. This can be applied even if you are on transit travel. This benefits in a lot of ways. The main advantage is that you can exit the airport and enter the country to travel around as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, if you apply for a Dubai transit visa about a month before, then the visa will run out of validity even before you use it for your travel purpose. This is because of the normal validity after the issue if only for 14 days after which you cannot use the transit visa anymore. Hence you must apply for this type only a week or two before you travel to Dubai.

While you can leave on a 96 hour Dubai visa, you cannot exit the terminal when you have a 48-hour transit visa being held. You can opt for a tourist visa instead to enter Dubai.

There are conditions and now you know when you need to take a transit visa and when not.

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