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All you should know About COVE Beach Dubai

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Cove Beach Dubai is the topic we are going to deal with here. It is the most famous and sensational club on the beaches. It was first located in the cove beach hotel Dubai, Jumeirah. Now in 2018 November, it is relocated to cove beach Caesars Palace. The beautiful locations of the backdrops filled with waters of the Arabian Sea are visible all over the place. Visiting this place makes you feel comfortable and relaxed by enjoying the breeze from the sea. It is a wonderful place for clicking beautiful and memorable pictures. Not only the beachside view they have many more features available in COVE beach.
They have lounges, pools for swimming, and restaurants. They also provide customized service according to the request of the customer. Sometimes there are even few celebrities attending the parties at this beach club. Throughout the year there are varieties of events happening which makes the place filled with people the whole year. There is also a facility of valet parking in Dubai Cove beach

Things to Do At Cove Beach Dubai:

Rose lounge in Cove beach:

This rose lounge party happens during the weekends for the full day both morning and night. For the cocktails, the capacity for people is about three hundred and fifty (350). The lounge capacity for the people is about a hundred and fifty (150). The shisha and meals are the highlights of the weekend rose lounge party. The rose lounge is suitable both for enjoyment and works purposes. People can have a pleasant meeting at lunchtime. The evening part of the party will be the most fun. You can enjoy the drinks and Sushi along with the sunset scenes.

Swimming pools and beaches:

The main attraction of Cove beach is the beach and the pools. There are 3 most famous and beautiful pools on Cove beach. You can get the sunbeds and lounges available for spending time viewing the beach during the daytime. You can even avail the personal attendants for further services.

Music at Cove beach:

The music at the Cove Dubai beach is available only on Mondays and Sundays. The popular Cubache live band plays the live music from afternoon 2 pm till Monday sunset time. The soulful music played from evening 8 pm till 11 pm. The music list contains R&B, retro, and hip hop. You can enjoy the weekend happily with these enjoyments.

COVE Beach Location:

The location of Cove beach is very well known by everyone in Dubai. The Caesars Palace, Blue waters islands is the place where the club Cove beach is present. The easy way to reach Cove beach is through the road called Sheikh Zayed Road. From the airport you can directly visit the place by taking a taxi it may take around 36 kilometers approx. of 27 minutes. It is best to travel by car or taxi as you can reach the place more quickly. If the route you travel is through Sheikh Zayed road E11 it will take 30 minutes to reach. If you take the Sheikh Rashid and Sheikh Zayed road it will take around 32 minutes to reach the avenue.

Entry Timing and cost for services in COVE Beach:

We will discuss the timings of Cove beach in Dubai. You can stay here the whole day by enjoying the excellent view of the beaches and the extra features available. The time for the pool and the beach is from morning 10 am to the time of sunset. The restaurants here are open from morning 10 am to evening 3 pm and again open from evening 6 pm and till night 11 pm. The timings for the lounge on weekends are from morning 10 am till 3 am-midnight. During the weekday's lounges are open from morning 10 am to midnight 1 am. 
The sunbeds and the umbrellas are available both during weekdays and weekends. The costs for beds during weekdays are 1 mattress 100 dirhams, 1 sunbed 150 dirhams, and 2 (double) sunbeds 350 dirhams. The costs for the beds during the weekends are 1 mattress 250 dirhams, 1 sunbed 300 dirhams, and 2 (double) sunbed 700 dirhams. The complimentary items are the towels, water bottles, and the entry for the swimming pool and beach. You can avail of cocktails if you need the cost ranges from 55 dirhams to 75 dirhams. There is a special event for ladies every Wednesday. Each person's cost for participating in this is 100 dirhams. The complimentary items are sun loungers, Live DJs, a food platter, the cocktail of the day, and the free house rose.


Tourists from other countries who want to visit this place in Dubai can visit Dubai E Visa Online for getting a visa. Just apply for the Dubai tourist visa and visit Dubai for enjoying the most wonderful experience. Every single detail about Cove beach Dubai is also mentioned here. The timings for the club and the cost of the services are also given in detail. The things to do at the Cove beach club Dubai party are also mentioned in detail.

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