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best tourist places you should never miss out in dubai

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Thinking that the places are over? Not yet buddy, the city of Dubai has this most amazing quality to never miss out on to amaze its visitors from across the globe. So, engage in this rundown and gaze at other options of best tourist pace you should never miss-out in Dubai.


Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club- “Leisure Treat” 

Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club | Venues | The Wedding Brigade

Are you the one who engages in rich sports? Those royal places and led to royal sports games and the nice royal feel? This is surely going to be the place where you would spend most of your time. The Polo and Equestrian Club is the must-visit if you got the resources and some free time on your tour to Dubai. 

This club has a relaxed vibe and the super cool arena where you can destress your mind and soul perfectly. Not just the vibes from the place, the vicinity gives you the best experience on the grounds of fitness as it has an array of outdoor activities to do. 

You can easily enjoy doing horse riding, swimming, spa, or the scrumptious dishes crafted by the amazing chefs.

  • You can visit the club with your friends and family or if you wish to enjoy solo and destress your body.

  • You got to taste the scrumptious dishes from across the globe from the Palermo to the Splash Pool Bar.

  • This would cost you around $449.00 per person. 


Dubai Gold Souks- “The Gold Abode”

Unimaginable Things That You Will Find at the Deira Gold Souk in ...

Hey shopaholics! Women’s out there, this has to be the best place of your interest all over the tour. This place will showcase your gold, gold, and more gold all over! The Dubai Gold Souks is the best exhibition of the Middle-Eastern Culture and the Dubai Culture. It gives the pure luxurious feeling that you demand in your tour. This Gold Souk is located in Deira, which is one of the best Souk markets in Dubai in the dimension of gold. It showcases the stunning designs of jewellery which will keep you astounded throughout your journey in the same. 

It provides you with the best jaw-dropping views, that's why it is one of the best tourist places in Dubai. You can visit there with your family friends or even solo just to window shop and explore the gold abode. You can even visit the Old Souk down the lane and pay for that ride, there also some stunning pieces are waiting for you.


The Kite Beach- “The Best Buddies Destination”

10 Fun Things To Do At Kite Beach, Dubai | Curly Tales

Travelling with your pals to Dubai? This place is definitely for you. Be it, locals of Dubai, or the tourists, this place is the famous Dubai tourist destination to hang out with friends in a full beach mode. The Kite Beach is located in the Al Manara Road junction, as the name suggests to give you a proper beach feel and is perfectly defining the activities you do on a beachside.

It features some amazing water sports activities like Kitesurfing which is the most popular activity among all the tourists paying a visit to the beach. The best soothing part of the beach is the pristine white shine and texture of the soft sand at the beach. It will truly make you relaxed and amazed. You can even view the stunning luxurious hotel Burj-al-Arab form the comfort of the beach.

  • You can enjoy here with your friends, families, and kids as well.

  • Remember that women are only with the full body covered swimsuits on the beach. 

  • Days? You can enjoy this lovely beach from February till August.


Dubai Opera- “The Melodious Cultural Show”

Dubai Opera House - SRL - Opera House

I know you would be thinking that I'm not Arabic national so how I will relate with the opera of Dubai, relax I know! This is just for the dream if you wish to indulge in the melodious tales. The Dubai Opera is truly a superb tourist place in Dubai. It is located in Downtown Dubai, which forms the Opera District of the place. 

The Dubai Opera is famously known for the display of Dubai Culture all across the globe. It has a super stunning multi arrange theatre with 2000 situate. It hosts the magnanimous musical shows and the beautiful dance performances, because of which it is known to be one of the best places across the globe. 

  • You can visit here with your friends and family

  • It will cost you around 50-550 AED.


Etihad Museum- “The Nostalgic Lane”

Etihad Museum, Dubai - Timings, Entry Fee, History & Artifacts

Are you a history freak? Thinking all the time about the historical angles of a place! This place is typically for you. You would love to gaze at this amazing Etihad Museum. This museum completely defines all the events and the snippets that exactly happened all around the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

This museum features the rare videos of that period and some of the items as well, that are surprisingly amazing. They would make you think twice that were these tools existing in that period. As we said that it is of high interest to the History Freaks and the people more inclined towards the dimensions. But you can also visit to know the real beauty and formation of the country! Which is a must-visit?

The museum showcases incidents and happenings in UAE during the 1968-1974 period. You will also find her some accurate documentation that might interest you. Thus, visiting this museum has to be a must on your list.

So, here’s what we discussed about the suggestions for the best tourist places you should never miss out in Dubai! Stay tuned in the series to know more!



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Frequently Asked Questions

You can be at these four places in Dubai, which are great. Near Burj Khalifa (Dubai’s Downtown), Jumeirah Beach, Dubai Marina and the Palm Jumeirah.

Dubai offers a lot to all the lovely visitors from epic scenes to the jaw-dropping thrilling factors and the cuisines, etc. But majorly tourists explore Burj Khalifa observation decks, Dubai Mall, Dubai Creek, Dubai Frame, Dubai Museum, Atlantis, Mall of the Emirates, Palm Islands, Beaches, Ski Dubai, Bur Dubai, camel rides, water parks and much more. We gave you maximum options for your tour options.

Yes, mostly the city of Dubai offers you properly the walking areas near the beaches and the specific walk areas in the city, which are safe too. But you should yay means avoid the industrial areas of Dubai, as they might be unsafe. If you are a woman, then don't worry about safety, the laws of Dubai are super strict.

It is just a matter of choice and the preferences that you have made for the tour. You can explore everything nicely if you have enough time for the tour. Some tourists visit only for sightseeing, some for a full tour, some for meetings with a tour. So, it all depends. 

The major reason we can say oil, as it was found in Dubai over 50 years ago, but it has only 1% of it's earning. But from the 1770s until the late 1930s, the Trucial States which now makes up the entire United Arab Emirates, had the main source of income through the Pearl Industry.


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