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People always do love the “bigger” and “better” factors and it is hard to beat these two together. But you will find out once you travel to Dubai that these two factors can be crushed down together! Not only are the buildings and the landscapes “bigger” but they are also “better” than any other places you have ever seen. However, for those nationals having Comoros passport will not have Dubai come under the Comoros passport visa free countries 2020 and hence having your Dubai visa for Comoros nationals booked through Dubai E Visa Online becomes an essential part of the travel. By having a Dubai visa, you will be able to discover both the “bigger” and “better” with your own eyes! 


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Dubai visa policy: 

Traveling to another country means following the rules they lay down and the same applies when you go to another country and apply for a visa. In this case, when traveling to Dubai one will have to know what is the Dubai visa policy in order to be able to know whether one is actually eligible for the visa or whether he or she is not. Applying for a Dubai visa can be done via three ways which are the most found around the world and can be given as follows: 

  • Applying a Dubai visa via an online medium
  • Applying a Dubai visa via an embassy
  • Applying a Dubai visa after arriving at the airport

Among these three there are conditions as to only some might be able to apply for a visa via an online method and only some others can apply for the visa after arriving at the airport. This creates quite the confusion and hence the Dubai visa policy has been curated so that one gets a fair idea of how one can travel to Dubai while applying for a visa in the right manner. 

Dubai traditions and customs: 

When two different country’s nationals come together there is always a clash of the traditions and the customs that one follows. However, it is always a goodwill to respect the traditions that one of the countries follows to keep peace within both the countries. This also implies to a tourist traveling to Dubai. One must always show respect to the traditions followed in Dubai and hence to know about it before you got to Dubai it is essential to read a complete guide to Dubai traditions and customs which will let you know what the traditions are and how you will be able to respect them without having to do anything. This is because the last thing you would want is to end up in jail due to disrespectfulness. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Without any doubt, you will be able to get the visa within just a week through Dubai E Visa Online through the emergency visa options. That means you can get the best of services at Dubai E Visa Online. 

In some cases the Dubai visa policy will let you know about the visa types, however, to get to know about the visa validity you will have to apply for the visa, and once it is confirmed you will get the number of days mentioned to you. 

While Fridays is a holiday followed by the embassy, you will be able to get access to a Dubai visa whenever and wherever you want from Dubai E Visa Online. Being open for 24X7 helps you get an instant access to the visas. 

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