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all you ought to know about public decency law in dubai - Full guide

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Dubai is a luxurious and vibrant country. It is a tourist place for many countries in the world. Clubbing, beaches, pool parties, alcohol and nightclubbing attracts tourist the most. Dubai being a famous tourist destination has many things to do. But with many things to do you might definitely want to apply for a visa before traveling to Dubai and hence Dubai  E Visa Online lets you know about Public Decency law in Dubai and how you can apply for a visa through an online method. 

Exploring the desert, enjoying the sunset, playing on sand dunes, relaxing on the sand is a completely new experience. Dubai is very famous for its luxury cars like Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Aston martin can be seen often in the streets, here are places where you can actually drive the car of your dream. The only seven-star hotel in the world is in Dubai which is Burj-al-Arab. Apart from the luxurious lifestyle, traveling, and staying there are several rules and regulations that are to be followed to spend a decent time in Dubai.

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Definition of public indecency in Dubai:

Article 358 of the UAE penal code states that anyone who breaks the law related to public decency shall be sentenced to detention for a minimum term of six months, whoever has flagrantly committed an indecent act.

This means if a person found breaching the rules of decency like holding hand, kissing, hugging, wearing sexually explicit clothes, drinking alcohol, consuming drugs, can be led to jail for minimum of 6 months or can be fined.

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Public decency laws in Dubai

Clothing in Dubai:

There is no such dress code for the traveler in Dubai. A person is free to wear anything that they want to but it should to decent. People are not allowed to wear clothes that are too exposing. For women, the dress should cover the body from shoulder to knees, avoid wearing see-through clothes, avoid showing cleavage or wearing tight in public. For men, it is not allowed to show their bare chest or wear shorts in public. In Dubai, wearing such cloth is considered as a disgrace to the modesty of the country. However, all these restrictions only apply to public places. But in places like the swimming pool, beach, or pool party wearing shorts, bikinis are allowed

Dress code for the mosque: If you want to visit a mosque in Dubai, there are certain rules that you must follow. Women have to cover their hairs and the entire body. Women have to wear Abaya. For men, it is not allowed to wear shorts or sleeveless shirts and they don’t have to cover their hair. Shoes should be removed outside the mosques while entering for both men and women.

Like many other Islamic countries in the world, Dubai is more liberal as compared to the other Islamic country in the world. Tourists are allowed to travel to any religious places without any restriction. However, a traveler must respect the religious values of the country. Like during Ramadan(Holy month of Islam)  consuming any meal in public from sunrise to sunset is prohibited although the visitor could eat food in their hotel room. Consuming drugs in Dubai is a punishable offense. If a person is caught taking drugs he/she will have to face the consequences and can be prosecuted for such activity. 

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Public display of affection

Holding hands, kissing in public is not allowed in Dubai. It is illegal to have sex between unmarried couples. Travelers must have to follow all these rules and regulations to avoid any kind of difficulty. If any person found doing such things in public can be sentenced to jail for 1 year. In a recent case, a couple of British origins has been arrested for kissing in a public place in Dubai.


Ministry of the Interior in Dubai issues license for people wishing to drink alcohol. In Dubai, it is a crime to buy alcohol from the shop or carry it with you to your home without a license. Moreover, tourists are allowed to drink in hotel bars without any restriction. Drinking alcohol in public is a serious offense in Dubai which is a part of the public decency laws and can lead you to jail.


Drugs are strictly prohibited in Dubai and there is zero percent tolerance for any person found consuming drugs. There is four years imprisonment provision for any person found consuming a drug or carrying it in their pocket or bag. There is a punishment of the death penalty for a person found involving in any kind of drug trafficking. Some common drugs are poppy seeds, codeine, marijuana opium, and other narcotic substances are completely banned in Dubai. 

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The act of homosexuality is punishable in Dubai. It is considered as illegal and can be led to 1 year of imprisonment. There has been a case when 17 foreign men were arrested for cross-dressing. Hence it is important to follow all the public decency law as and how it is said. 

Eating in public transport

Eating and drinking are prohibited in any form of public transport. Consuming food and beverages in public transport or metros can cost a penalty of 100 dirhams.

Photography in the UAE

Photography of government buildings, the military bases is strictly prohibited in Dubai. Photography of women without having permission is an offense. The Police of Dubai can arrest you for such kind of act. 

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Hence by knowing about the public decency law in Dubai, you can apply stay alert as to how you need to behave in Dubai and what you need to avoid in order to respect their culture. 

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