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top Tips for Unmarried couple visiting Dubai in 2024

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In this article, we have jotted down some interesting tips related to unmarried couples visiting Dubai. You are one step away from applying for a Dubai e-visa from our website, Dubai E Visa Online

In Dubai, living together is possible.

Sharia Law, which governs people's social activities and lifestyles, is followed in Dubai. Living together or in a live-in relationship is illegal in this country and, hence, cannot be performed by anyone. In other words, you cannot live with your so-called partner without first getting married, and you must first get married if you wish to live together as a pair. It is regarded as 'illegal' and against the law if you do not do so.
Unmarried couples living together are not uncommon in Dubai, which means that it is conceivable for unmarried couples to live together, but it is not legal, and therefore you do so at your own risk.

How Dubai treats an unmarried couple:

Dubai is a fairly liberal state in comparison to the rest of the United Arab Emirates. There is still Islamic law in place, but the tourism industry is also very influential. Thousands of guests, many of whom are single, arrive in Dubai every week. While many Dubai hotels are likely to ignore the problem, you should still exercise caution in what you do and say.

Need to Keep in Mind While Visiting Dubai for Unmarried Couples in 2024:

In Dubai, public expressions of affection are frowned upon. For married couples, holding hands is acceptable, but kissing or hugging in public is not. Keep in mind that if the cops stop you because you're holding hands and you're not married, you could get in trouble. This is less likely to occur in a hotel and more likely to occur in public areas such as restaurants or shopping malls. Keep an eye on what's going on in your immediate environment. If you're staying in a hotel with a lot of Muslim guests, it's always likely that they'll report any inappropriate behaviour to the police. If the cops find out you're not married, you could face legal consequences.

Useful Applications

The "only married couples" regulation is not strictly enforced in most Dubai hotels. You should have little trouble finding a room in a luxury hotel, which usually caters to foreigners. You'll be asked to present your passport at check-in, but having various surnames won't raise any suspicions. Married women in Dubai frequently preserve their surnames.


Instead of saying "my boyfriend" or "my fiancé," refer to each other as "husband" and "wife" once you've checked into a hotel. This may aid in the prevention of prospective issues.

How to Apply for a Dubai Visa in 2024:

  1. You can apply on the website of Dubai E Visa Online
  2. Once you visit the website, the front page will ask you to “select the citizenship country.”.
  3. Then select “living country” of the person and click on “apply for Dubai visa
  4. Then select one “type of visa” as per your plan. Then click on “proceed to apply.”
  5. The page will direct you to fill in all your details and upload all the required documents.
  6. Then click on either “submit and add more applicants” or “submit and proceed to pay.”
  7. Then the page will direct you to the payment portal, where you can pay the fee for the Dubai visa.
  8. Then the application will go for approval.
  9. And you can track your application status by visiting our website at Dubai E Visa Online
  10. Click on “Dubai visa status” and you can check the status.


Types and Validity of Dubai Visas:

  1. 30 days; Tourist visa (single entry); validity: 59 days
  2. 30 days; Tourist visa (multiple entries); validity: 59 days
  3. 90 days: Tourist visa (single entry); visa validity: 59 days
  4. 90 days: Tourist visa (multiple entries); visa validity: 59 days
  5. 2 years long-term visa (multiple entries)- visa validity 2 years
  6. 3 years investor visa (multiple entries)- visa validity 3 years
  7. 48-hour transit visa (single entry): visa validity: 38 days
  8. 96-hour transit visa (single entry) with a visa validity 30 days
NOTE: Processing time of a visa is 3–4 days (in tourist visa), 4-5 days (in transit visas), and 10–12 days (in long-term and investor visa)

Documents Required for Dubai Visa:

  1. A valid passport whose validity should be left for at least 6 months from the date of travelling from the country.
  2. A passport-sized coloured photo.
  3. Accommodation or staying address where the person is going to stay.
  4. Return ticket from Dubai.
  5. A passport should have at least 4 blank pages.


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