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the indian connection in the development of dubai

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There are romantic organizations in Dubai and India. It has been more than 100 years old, and it has become a giant city. However, the India link is still available to everyone. The Indian connection in the development of Dubai is hence evident and Dubai E visa online helps people join through hearts between two countries without having to worry about the visa formalities. Dubai E visa online mainly aims at providing visas to people who wish to travel to Dubai and at a low cost.

The oil boom in the mid-1960s allowed the eastern and central regions to maintain substantial growth, and Dubai was no exception. It quickly became a city of glass and concrete. However, the decline in oil revenues caused city leaders to seek another source of financial investment and income. Therefore, Dubai has begun to transform itself into a paradise for travelers outside the business center.

This city needs manpower to develop. Since the number of Arab indigenous people is much smaller, the deportees must be sworn into Dubai to help promote Dubai’s dream of becoming a currency and entertainment center. The closest source of this power is the subcontinent composed of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. India with a large population is the ideal human resource for Dubai.

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The factors for labor migration from the subcontinent are simple. Due to the large population and difficult conditions, the opportunity to earn more income acts like a magnet. Workers from the subcontinent and India especially flock to Dubai.

The population of Dubai is approximately 1.37 million, of which nearly 90% of the population are foreigners. Of the immigrants, 50% are from India. The vast majority of the Indian population includes employees engaged in construction and trivial jobs, but Dubai now also has a large number of entrepreneurs and professionals.

One aspect of the foreign population is concerned that the ratio of male to female population needs a reference. Men account for 78% of the population, while women account for only 22%. Among the labor force deported from India, men account for 98%, which is even more pronounced. These employees hold work permits and are prohibited from bringing their family members to Dubai. Therefore, they are minimized to suit the conditions of second-level personnel.

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However, with the expansion of Dubai, some restrictions have been lifted, and Indians have used it. For example, buildings can be rented, and residents' permits can also be obtained. However, this only applies to experienced people.

But over the years, India’s connections have gradually escalated from the lower class. Dubai welcomes large Indian conglomerates as partners in the financial business. Dubai has expanded its ties with India itself. For example, Dubai World operates Chennai Container Terminal Pvt. Also, Bharat Hotels (Bharat Hotels) is developing a joint venture to develop the Dubai Fortress in Al Furjan.

However, because Dubai World’s default debt affects these jobs, many of these jobs are declining. Also, the foreign labor force in India was seriously injured. Many of them have been fired, and some have been sent back to India without even paying the minimum wage. The tragic conclusion is that when business conditions are good, labor is exploited; when business conditions deteriorate, Indian immigrant labor is dismissed without compensation.

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However, despite this distortion, the connection between India and Dubai is still very strong. India has not yet been affected by the decline in Dubai, but the reality remains that remittances have fallen as the workforce has decreased.

Dubai-Without India’s labor force, a city of glossy glass and solid concrete might not be built. Therefore, credit must be provided to Indians in the development of Dubai. It cannot be out of reach.


In 2017, the total trade volume between the two countries was US$50 billion, India’s total exports to the UAE were US$28 billion, and India’s imports from the UAE totaled US$22 billion.

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The link between the energy sector has evolved into a strategic partnership in energy security, with the two countries investing in each other’s energy sector. The two countries are also trying to promote nuclear energy cooperation by institutionalizing cooperation with the UAE Nuclear Energy Corporation and the Federal Nuclear Regulatory Authority. India and the UAE are also exploring the possibility of strengthening cooperation in renewable energy.


India and the UAE are discussing cooperation in the establishment of logistics hubs, cold storage, warehousing, and other aspects to put the food corridor between the two countries into operation. At the sixth high-level investment working group (HLTFI) meeting held in Mumbai in October 2018, India’s agricultural exports and food processing projects were discussed. Business groups in the Indian states and that of UAE are meeting. Discuss how to cooperate as early as possible to put the food corridor into operation.

It will create opportunities for joint research and development in the agricultural sector.

The food corridor will also help increase the income of Indian farmers. According to preliminary estimates, it will also help India create about 200,000 jobs and increase India’s food exports to the UAE to US$7 billion per year.

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The UAE is India’s tenth largest foreign direct investment investor, with an investment of approximately US$5.33 billion. Investment is mainly concentrated in five sectors: the service industry (9.4%), electricity (9%), construction/real estate development (8.8%), air transportation including air transportation (7.4%), and hotel and tourism (7.3%) ). In addition to these data, we have also seen Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, DP World and other institutions have made major investments in India's infrastructure, real estate, energy, and other fields.

The late Shaikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founding father of the UAE, emphasized the importance of relations with India. He emphasized that due to the historical ties between the two peoples, the relationship between the UAE and India is strong and strong. He said that this visit is intended to express new support for the existing relations between the two countries and the development of friendly relations between the two peoples and hence keeping the Indian connection in the development of Dubai intact.

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