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know about dubai visa overstay guide for 2024

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Dubai is a prime example of a multicultural nation. Although Dubai welcomes visitors, businesspeople, and professionals from all over the world, the country also has a carefully controlled residence visa system to make sure that all residents are legitimately able to do so. For instance, immigration agents in Dubai always enforce overstay fees to make sure visitors are really authorised to be there. The Dubai government has made several efforts to make the administrative apparatus more responsive to the requirements of the populace. For instance, establishing Amer Centres in Dubai has made it simpler for locals to obtain clarification on their visa and overstay situations.

To maintain legal compliance, residents who have moved to Dubai must adhere to a specific set of guidelines for ex-pats in Dubai. These regulations ultimately serve the public's interests by ensuring high standards of safety and protection. Additionally established to support this objective are the overstay penalties in Dubai and the remainder of Dubai. The ideal way to apply is with Dubai e-visa online, which offers you a richer outcome without any hassles by only following three simple steps.

Effect of the pandemic on the fines:

The Dubai government has declared some easing in the overstay laws because of the continued global travel restrictions to combat COVID-19. We have made an effort to allay any worries you might have.
August 2020 Update: On August 11, 2020, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizens issued a one-month extension to the timeframe for people with expired visas and entrance permits. They would be free to exit the nation as a result of this without incurring any overstay penalties.


General information on overstaying a Dubai visa:

Dubai welcomes visitors and businesspeople from all around the world. Their only demand is that they obey the law as it is now written. Dubai visa overstay fees must be paid by visitors who stay beyond the validity of their visa.

What occurs if I overstay my visa for Dubai? Many local ex-pats ask themselves this question frequently. Overstaying your visit to any foreign nation is against the law. Different nations handle these situations in different ways.

Actions were taken against people with tourist visas:

Visas for visits or vacations are often issued for a short period of time. Tourist visas to Dubai can be granted for single or multiple entries, with a validity of 30 or 90 days. Individuals usually travel abroad to look for work or to attend important meetings. Sometimes the interview procedure takes longer than expected or the appointment is rescheduled, and they end up exceeding the allotted period on their visa by staying in Dubai.

The Dubai government offers visitors and those with visit visas a 10-day grace period. Therefore, you have a timeframe of 10 days beginning with the day your visa terminates. However, starting on the eleventh day, there is a fee. AED 200 is the penalty for staying an additional day. The Dubai government levies an overstay fine in Dubai of AED 100 per day beginning on day two. Additionally, a further AED 100 will be deducted as service fees after you depart the country.

Actions were taken against people with residence permits: 

The waiting period is thirty days for people who are in possession of resident status, i.e., those with valid long-term residence visas. You won't be penalised for overstaying your visa in Dubai for 30 days after it expires.


How to avoid fines for overstaying:

However, you would be required to pay a fine of AED 125 if you depart the nation on the 31st day. For up to six months, an additional AED 25 would be added for each succeeding day. The fine increases to AED 50 every day after six months have passed. If you remain longer than allowed for a year, you will be fined AED 100 each day. 

All visa holders in Dubai are allowed to demand a modification in their visa status while on the territory. To get the new visa, you must demonstrate that you satisfy the requirements and pay the expenses. More importantly, you must submit your request for the modification before the termination of your current visa is in place to avoid incurring hefty fines.

Today, applying for a visa in Dubai is significantly easier. One can quickly and conveniently change their visa status online by following the appropriate procedures. One must watch out not to extend their stay as a responsible person. If you don't request changes within the allotted period, you risk leaving before the expiration of your visa. An individual can always apply for a visa extension via Dubai e-visa online.

Amnesty programme and how to avail of it: 

The amnesty is open to anyone who has overstayed their visa in Dubai and now wishes to leave the country. Any penalties or fines levied on visa offenders for overstaying after their visa has expired would be waived as part of the amnesty request. One can go immediately to the amnesty centres to seek exit permission by submitting a charge of AED 220 in order to qualify for the amnesty. You can take part in the programme if you have both confirmed flight tickets and a valid passport. You would be required to travel directly to the airport, as no specific amnesty facilities exist.

Travellers wishing to depart from Dubai International Airport must stop by the immigration office at one of the checkpoints at least 48 hours prior to takeoff. In addition, if your flight is arriving from Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, or Ras Al Khaimah, you should show up at the immigration counter at least six hours prior to takeoff. The procedure will be walked through by immigration officers.



A journey to a Middle Eastern country should be on everyone's bucket list. Dubai is surely a unique location. Every traveller has a responsibility to be informed of and follow the traffic regulations because each place has its own rules and laws. Before visiting Dubai, it's crucial to acquaint yourself with a range of regional laws. One of the most alluring and secure places to travel is Dubai. Delicious food, friendly people, and stunning ladies. There are several stunning natural settings and interesting historical sites to explore.

With Dubai e-visa online, travelling will be simple and stress-free. Keeping our clients delighted is our main goal. To obtain your Dubai visa, get in contact with us right now.

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