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Apply Dubai visa for Oman Citizens for GCC Residents - full guide for 2024

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Dubai has for some time been drawing its guests with breathtaking attractions. The Dubai International Airport is the third-most active air terminal on the planet. A-list offices with smooth ground networks give travellers a decent voyaging experience. Speedy and simple Dubai e-visa offices have flooded with guests.

Dubai has many restrictions for visitors. So before applying for a Dubai e-visa, check all the requirements for the visa.

When visiting any country, travellers need a visa, but some countries do not allow visas at their entrances.

Dubai has made rules for GCC countries so that travellers can visit the UAE without a visa. The Charter of the GCC was signed on May 25, 1981, officially building up the establishment. The Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, initially known as the Gulf Cooperation Council, is a provincial, intergovernmental political and financial association that comprises Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. The committee principle settles in Saudi Arabia. 

There are the membership of 6 states are as follows :- 

1. Bahrain

2. Kuwait

3. Oman

4. Qatar

5. Saudi Arabia

6. and also United Arab Emirates

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GCC residents needn't bother with a visa to enter the UAE. A portion of different identities can get a visa based on appearance, while others need to apply for a visa ahead of time. So it is clear that Oman citizens do need a visa to enter the UAE.

Free entry for Oman citizens

Citizens of GCC nations don't need a visa or license or to be sponsored by a resident or national in the UAE. They need to deliver their GCC country passport or national ID to enter the UAE without an Emirates visa.

30-day visa

Citizens don't need Uae visa game plans to enter the Uae and can acquire a visa upon reaching  for 30 days with a 10-day leisure period for expansion. 

90-day visa 

Residents of these nations don't need advance UAE visa plans to enter the UAE and can acquire a visa upon appearance for 90 days.

Oman citizens do not need a visa

Oman is included in the GCC countries, so their citizens do not need a visa to enter the world of Dubai. Travellers who want to visit Dubai as tourists need a tourist visa. 

  • GCC inhabitants, including those going with GCC nationals on the excursion, need to arrange an online visa prior to showing up to the Uae. 
  • You can apply for the e-visa on the UAE Ministry of Interior's online visa entry. On endorsement, the e-Visa will be shipped to the candidate's enrolled email. 
  • The GCC inhabitant section licence is substantial for 30 days from the issue date for a stay of 30 days. This can be reached in another 30 days. 
  • A partner passage licence is legitimate for 60 days from the issue date for a term of 60 days. This can be reached for 60 days.


  • Substantial GCC residency for somewhere around 90 days from date of appearance 
  • Travel papers with somewhere around 90 days legitimacy from appearance date 
  • Acquiring an e-Visa before you travel to the U.A.E. is an unquestionable requirement. GCC occupants or residents who are supporting a non-inhabitant won't get application endorsement if the support isn't going with the visitor upon passage.

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Transit visa

Visas are legitimate in the UAE for as long as 30 days from the date of issue. 

Travellers should have a legitimate forward flight booking outside of Uae and a substantial lodging reservation for the duration of their stay in the country. 

Working visa

Oman citizens apply for their work visas. The length and legitimacy of this are dependent upon the conditions of your business contract. 

GCC citizens will require an identification legitimate for no less than a half year at the hour of passage, coloured photos, and different archives; kindly check the connection underneath. 

If you are currently in the UAE, you can apply for a change in status or leave the nation and return.

Terms and conditions

  • Once your application is approved, Uae e-Visa will be sent to your personal email address or registered email address.
  • Applications for GCC migrant inhabitants and fellow partners going with GCC residents won't be supported if the sponsor isn't going alongside them. 
  • A GCC resident's entrance grant is valid for 30 days from the date of release and they are permitted to remain for 30 days from the date of entrance. 
  • The licence with companions  going with GCC residents is valid for 60 days from the date of issue and they are permitted to remain for 60 days from the date of section.
  • Upon appearance, if the GCC home visa is observed to be expired or cancelled, then the candidate won't be granted entry to Uae.
  • On the off chance that the GCC inhabitant is observed to be changed get-togethers issuance of his entrance licence, the passage grant holder won't be conceded section.
  • The visa of GCC inhabitants should be legitimate somewhere around 90 days from the appearance date.

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If a traveller is from a GCC country, as mentioned above, then there will not be a need for a visa. If Oman citizens are included as GCC citizens in 2024, then they will not be required to have a visa.

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