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must know facts About Dubai Safari in 2024

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Dubai is a favourite or dream place for people who love travelling or visiting several countries. There are various luxury places in Dubai to spend leisure time, grand malls in Dubai for shopping purposes, exciting luxury nightlife, and vibrant city culture that lure in visitors from across the globe. There are lots of "facts about Dubai Desert Safari," but one thing that steals every traveller's heart is the Dubai Desert Safari tour. Dubai is one of the amazing countries, especially tourist places, to experience beauty, peace, and amazing games.  

Dubai Safari is an eventful place where you can enjoy camel rides( per single person ride), wildlife watching, a dance show, BBQ dinner, lunch, sandboarding, and the joy of dressing up in traditional costume if anyone is interested in wearing dresses. Dubai is one of the best places that provides luxurious, rich experiences and exciting activities, especially desert safaris. Dubai is the best place to make memories.

Morning or Evening Desert Safari in 2024

There are various desert safaris, like evening desert Safari in Dubai, morning desert safari, overnight stay, etc. But evening and morning desert safaris are very famous, among others. Visitors can choose one of them to take part in the desert safari equally.


Facts about Morning Desert Safari in Dubai

Here are some exciting exercise activities that you can appreciate during the 'morning desert safari in Dubai'.

A beam of Sun rays

The sight so entrancing and serene will remove your heart and make you hopelessly enamoured with nature once more. You can catch this inconceivable sight on your camera as a trinket of recollections. 

Take part in an uneven Camel ride 

What's a desert safari without an uneven ride? A camel ride features the morning desert safari in Dubai, which allows you to investigate untamed life while exploring through the solitary desert. A camel ride is a good option to enjoy the ride or spend some time on rides that help you feel fresh for the whole day. Remember to get the pleasant image of the bird of prey on your arm—one of the most outstanding tourist activities. 


Take the Dune bashing experience 

Dune bashing is another great option to enjoy your time in Dubai. Dune bashing costs in the Dubai desert safari range from 95 to 1000 AED. It is an adrenaline-siphoning movement that goes on for around 20–30 minutes.

Ride a quad bicycle 

Experience the adventure of riding a quad bicycle in the Arabian desert. The quad bicycle is a four-wheeled motorbike that offers the adventure of riding on stunning territories and partaking in the pleasant setting in the background. At the point when you lease the bicycle, the visit administrators train you on how to utilise it and give you defensive stuff. 

Sandboarding ski hills

It is like sandboarding, that includes riding down a sand rise while remaining on a board with two feet lashed in. An action that will fill you with experience while partaking in the peaceful excellence of the desert. 

A critical tourist balloon ride

Get on a tourist balloon and partake in the ideal 360-degree perspective on the Arabian desert. As it moves high and undetermined, the view turns out to be considerably more excellent, and you can spot safari-untamed life nearby. You'll be enticed to catch the perspectives on your camera as you drift around Dubai.

Facts About Evening Desert Safari in Dubai 

Here are some interesting or amazing facts about the desert safari in Dubai during the evening:


Catch the Nightfall

Nightfall is an all-time favourite or enjoyable moment for all the visitors to see on an evening desert safari. As the sun vanishes behind the sand, the orange tint on the sand gives it a marvellous appearance. It is a hypnotising sight to catch and see in your recollections until the end of time. 

A night loaded with amusement 

There is additionally a scope of amusement exercises that mainly improve your night in the Dubai desert. The hip twirling, tanoura dance, and execution by the fire artist would leave you engaged and confused simultaneously. Get a transitory henna tattoo with a wonderful plan at an ostensible expense.  

Relish the nearby cooking styles 

Nothing beats the delight of relishing bona fide Arabic cooking styles in an extravagant tent. Partake in a significant evening with your friends and family, savouring the smorgasbord supper on a desert safari. 


In this blog, you will learn amazing facts about Dubai Safari. There are lots of things you should know about Dubai Safari before visiting. 

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