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requirements and cost of 48-hour transit visa with 16 hours layovers in Dubai in 2024

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What are the requirements and cost for a 48-hour transit visa in Dubai with a layover of 16 hours?

In order for you to know about the requirements and the cost, it is more important that you know whether you need to apply for a 48 hours Dubai transit visa or not. This will be done now with the small help of Dubai E Visa Online and the information that it provides to its customers for a much smoother way of applying of the visa. With these facilities being made available, why stay in a long line just to get a small piece of information?


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Requirements for a Dubai 48-hour transit visa

Once you decide that you need to apply for a 48-hour Dubai transit visa to stay at the Dubai international airport terminal, the next step will be to check for the requirements and make sure you have your documents intact in order to be able to apply for one. With Dubaievisaonline asking for only some of the documents, it has made your application process much easier, and this can be done with the following documents:

  1. A valid passport: You can never use a passport that is out of validity to apply for a visa. So make sure that it does have validity, such that even after you enter the country, there will be six more months left for the passport to become invalid. If this is not the case, then make sure you take the steps to make it this way. It can be done through either renewal or by applying for a new passport.
  2. Flight tickets to the final destination: You should have your flight tickets to and from Dubai confirmed and submitted as a scan in order for you to be eligible for an application for a transit visa. 
  3. Hotel reservation: The reservation made at one of the hotels in Dubai to stay during your transit period must be submitted along with the application form.
  4. Payment method: Ensure that you have a payment method made available to pay the due visa fees for a Dubai transit visa.
  5. Your email address: Give your email address so that your visa can be mailed to you and you can travel to Dubai and use this visa at the time of arrival. With these documents, you can now easily apply for a Dubai transit visa, which will be valid for 48 hours after you have arrived at the airport.

Cost of 48-hour Dubai transit visa

The cost of a Dubai transit visa when you apply for one through Dubaievisaonline will be as low as 50.0 US dollars. There will be some service fees included as well. Though it won’t be too much and will only of a minimum value,. Along with this, you can also opt for express services, where paying only 200.0 US dollars can let you get the visa in about two days’ time once you have applied for it.

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