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Let's visit to the biggest aquarium in dubai - dubai aquarium tour

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Dubai has over the past few years been an eye-catching spot for tourists. The breathtaking architecture and unique coastline are captivating for all age groups. Dubai is a city that one must see to believe it. Amongst other tourist spots, Dubai has the most astonishing and one of the world’s largest Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. With the help of an aquarium which is the biggest aquariums in the world, tourists can come personal and close to marine life. Hence a visit to Dubai Aquarium is a must add to your list when visiting Dubai. You can get the help of Dubai E visa online in order to reach the destination as you might probably need a visa to travel to Dubai.

Rising till the 3rd floor of Dubai Mall, the aquarium has more than 33,000 aquatic animals and largest reptiles. They have the largest collection of sand tiger sharks, stingrays, and sand tiger as well and offer unique ways to experience this underwater world. One can spend time by strolling through a 48-meter long tunnel with the experience of shark dives. The aquarium surrounds overhead and around, this view is called fish-eye view.

Let us take a tour and find some more Dubai aquarium details.

Aquarium Tank

Aquarium tank is one of the largest aquarium located on Dubai Mall’s ground floor. One can have an enchanting experience here and look around different marine species.

Aquarium Tunnel

The tunnel is 48-meter long and one can walk through the tunnel and experience a panoramic view being almost 11 meters below the tank surface. A perfect spot for getting pictures clicked and the marine species will be swimming right overhead.

Underwater Zoo

The underwater zoo is located on level two of the mall. It is divided into three zones:-

  •   Rainforest
  •   Living Ocean
  •   Rocky Shore

As said, the view is breathtaking and offers a diverse number of aquatic life like giant spider crabs, penguins, African dwarf crocodiles, piranhas, and many more.

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Things to do while visiting Dubai Aquarium:

Shark Feeding

Being safe inside the cage, you can watch certified trained divers feed the wild predators a bucket of fish. This is a 30 minutes adventure

Shark Cage Diving

You may not need to be a pro at swimming to be a certified diver to dive into the tank. The tank has the largest population of tiger sharks. This is an extremely exhilarating adventure and is done under the supervision of experts.

Cage Snorkelling

Wear your snorkeling gear and dip into the water of the aquatic tank. But remember you be trapped inside a safety cage the entire time to watch marine life around you. You can watch turtles and all kinds of colorful fish.

Scuba Diving

You may easily earn an internationally recognized certificate and become a certified PADI diver. This is a 2-day course where you would dive into the aquarium tank. The training is provided by experts.

Underwater Zoo wonders

Here is your chance to meet king croc, which is one of the major highlights of the zoo and weighs 750 kgs and 5 meters long that has been purchased from Australia. This will surely give you chills down your spine.  They have other creatures like Giant camel, bats, spiders, toads, etc. 

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Opportunities for Kids at Dubai’s Aquarium:-

Junior Aquarist for 5-15-year-olds: This program allows kids to have an experience of being professional at an aquarium. They get an opportunity to witness and participate in behind the scenes of feeding marine animals. They also get the opportunity to take a tour of a glass-bottom boat.

Cost :AED 157.50/child

Senior Aquarists suited for 8-15-year-olds: This program includes all junior aquarist activity including cake snorkeling. Both programs are created to increase awareness and help the child learn about marine life.

Cost: AED 262.50/child. 


Both the Aquarium and zoo is located on the ground floor of Dubai Mall


Timings of Dubai Aquarium and the underwater zoo is 10:00 am – 2:00 pm daily.

Aquarist programs start from 1-5 from Sundays to Thursdays. The counter closes at 1 pm.

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Ticket price of Zoo:

Both the Dubai Aquarium and zoo cost around 120 AED per person for a basic ticket. This cost covers the aquarium, tunnel, and underwater zoo experience. There is no ticket applicable for children below three years. There are other available options for as VIP explorer experience that covers

  • Skip the Queue line
  • Underwater Zoo
  • Aquarium Tunnel
  • Underwater Observatory
  • Behind the Scenes tour
  • Guidebook & Map
  • Submersible Simulator
  • Glass Bottom Boat Ride
  • Shark Exhibit
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