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all about the free 48 hours transit visa in dubai airport in 2024

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Now everyone can enjoy free transit for 48 hours and below by just getting a hold of the free 48-hour transit visa Dubai airport! This does sound like good news for all of the people. Wondering if you can do so? Then you need to read out the information that Dubai E Visa Online will provide you. This will help you decide whether you need to take a transit visa or if it is absolutely free for your trip as well. This will also help you with the budget decision that you need to keep in mind while transiting through Dubai. 


  • Transit visa for 48 hours in Dubai
  • Dubai free 48-hour visa for those not belonging to visa-on-arrival countries
  • Applying for 48-hour Dubai transit visa
  • Cases where you stay for more than 48 hours
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Transit visa for 48 hours in Dubai

This transit visa that you get for a stay of 48 hours in Dubai is something that you will be able to get for free, not only if you are from an allotted Dubai visa-free country, but if you are from any other country that you are travelling from. This is why knowing about the 48-hour free visa and how to apply for it is quite important. This visa was initially announced by the United Arab Emirates government in order to enhance the already-advancing industry of tourism. This also proved to be successful, and hence, a lot of people did not hesitate to take a visa after they had arrived. 

Free Dubai 48-hour visa for those not belonging to visa-on-arrival countries

48 Hour Dubai Transit Visa which can also be issued by those who are not allowed a visa on arrival. But the procedure here will be different from that of those who can access a visa-on-arrival facility. This is because those who can get the visa on arrival facility can apply for one even after entering the emirates, while in the case of those who do not belong to any of these countries, they will have to apply for one well in advance, which will require them to pay an amount. 

Applying for 48-hour Dubai transit visa

While the Dubai transit visa can be easily applied for after arrival, there are only some of the limited countries that can do so. For the rest, an application in advance would be necessary. In order to ease your process, the application of a Dubai transit visa can be done with the help of Dubaievisaonline, where you can apply in advance and get the transit visa issued to you. 

Cases where you stay for more than 48 hours

There are chances that a flight might be cancelled and arrive only after two days or even after three days. But this means that you will have to stay in Dubai for that long. In this case, you can always opt for a visa with a longer period of stay. This includes applying for a 96-hour Dubai transit visa, or you can also apply for a visa that is tourism-related and will let you stay for a longer period of time.

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