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Solo Female Traveler's Guide to Dubai 2024

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By brushing up on local traditions and conventions before your journey, female visitors definitely aren't supposed to donate Burkinis on the beach, so you can avoid uncomfortable and dangerous situations and also enjoy some feminine-centric benefits. In this article, we have jotted down some great tips for female travellers in Dubai in 2024.

Dress Code in Dubai in 2024

The search for Dubai as the largest and brightest may seem to show otherwise, but this city still has strong traditional roots. Emiratis, both men and women, wear fitting dresses, and you can see many local women choosing to wear a scarf on their heads. There's no need for visitors, but it's advisable to cover your thighs and shoulders, so pack long skirts or baggy pants. Women should wear a headscarf to visit a nearby mosque, but they are generally available if you forget to carry them. The trick would be a colourful pashmina or scarf drawn around your head and hair.

Bars and clubs in Dubai are something else, and you should wear everything you want to go home to. But please be conscious that there are many nightlife spots in hotels or shopping malls, so hide them from uncomfortable circumstances when you move from bar to bar. You should, for example, carry a shield or some other cover-up to don while going on to the next watering hole if you decide to bare your midriffs, thighs, or shoulders and arms.

You have a bikini on the beach or at the swimming pool; just don't wear it. Not only can you freeze (thanks to the air conditioners in most centres and public areas like the Arctic), but you're also going to attack locals, but they're probably too kind to say something.

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What is the dress code during Ramadan?

During Ramadan, when you sunbathe at the pool or beach, you can still wear a bikini, but you can be shielded when walking around the hotel. When you are out of the area, put a skirt or pants below the knee and a top over the upper arms that is not short.

Is there a case of harassment?

Women visiting Dubai should feel comfortable walking, taking taxis, and dining alone late in the night, and the United Arab Emirates is the second-safest country on earth at the World Economic Forum. This doesn't mean you won't get any unexpected publicity, but unfortunately, many cities around the world are not yet met, which are entirely free of wolves. It is not a matter of being totally ignored or political but firmly declined if you are confronted with a chat line.

Is drinking alcohol allowed?

It's a place of grey. At the airport, Dubai Duty-Free sells alcohol oodles to anyone over 21, bars and clubs in the hotels in the city give lovely hours, and free-flowing brunches are legendary. In spite of all this, it is technically illegal to use alcohol in Dubai only if you have a permit, but temporary tourists have no way to get a licence. Beer-drinking tourists are not tracked by Dubai police unless they are causing disruption. More recent calls for clarification have been made on the legislation that has forgotten visitors', but no consensus has been reached so far, and existing law is still the basis.

Ladies Night Out

The infinite selection of female nights is one of the great advantages of becoming a woman traveller in Dubai. Once confined to women who have a free drink or two on Tuesday night—a smart marketing trick when the drinking crowd in Dubai is very men-heavy—the women's nights are an institution in Dubai that takes place every night of the week in places around town. The tracking of women's nights takes a punch away from something else that can be an expansive evening out: from free or discounted entry to beach clubs to free drinks at bars or half-price dinner in some of the city's best restaurants.

Meeting Dubai Locals

How can I find out more about life in a town that grew in less than half a century from a small fishing village to a mega-metropolis? There are weekly sessions in the Sheikh Mohammed Centre where you can learn more about the local culture and customs, including a non-holding Q&A session where you can ask whatever you want. Emiratis are Emiratis of both sexes. Connecting with the locals is a meeting where people from across the Emirates will have lunch. An additional alternative is ExpatWoman, an open platform and an extremely informative database. Tinder is available and unbelievably common. Different other dating applications are also available.

LGBT+ Travellers in Dubai

Another alternative is ExpatWoman, an extensive community with local members, which strongly abolishes LGBT+ rights in Dubai. Although we frown on heterosexual couples, public love is a strict no for homosexuals. You'll see several men holding their hands, as well as rubbing their noses, among the sexes. Transgender travellers will deal with problems with the submission of official documents. Public cross-wear is illegal. Homosexual travellers who share a hotel room will probably not face any problems unless they stay in any of the smaller, locally-owned hotels in the old part of the city. Book at a superior, international hotel instead. The playroom at The Oberoi, Barberry at Tryp by Wyndham, and Zinc at the Crowne Plaza could be worth visiting. There is no gay scene in Dubai per se.

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Final Words

These were some of the great tips for female travellers in Dubai that every female traveller should know before travelling to Dubai. Now that you are aware of all the facts, get your Dubai Visa and visit the beautiful nation.

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