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dubai visa how to verify it online - Full guide for 2024

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Dubai is a city of ambition and success that everyone wants to reach. It is a city that attracts a great number of tourists and expatriates. It has developed greatly in the last two decades, or the last twenty years.  It has all the activities and facilities that anyone would wish for, making it the most populated in the UAE.

Visa seekers can navigate to Dubai E Visa Online. It makes sure one obtains a Dubai visa that he or she likes without any hassle or rejection. Several customers of this website applaud its quick and effective visa processing and application services.

Why should a person verify a Dubai visa?

One might be having doubts about why to verify the visa. It is never bad to verify and check to avoid any trouble in a foreign country. Let us discuss why it is ideal to verify it:

  • Inspecting genuineness: Verifying one’s visa online will help to inspect the authenticity of the visa. Many websites issue a fake visa. It can land people in trouble if not verified.
  • Analyse if it is for the desired country: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is made up of seven countries. One should make sure after analysing that he or she has obtained a visa for the right nation.
  • To avoid fake copies: As many tourists and expatriates flock to the country, there might be fake copies produced. To be on the safe side, verify if it is the real one.
  • For security purposes: As the visa can be easily printed on paper and is not electronic, a few people try to manipulate it. One needs to verify the visa.
  • Language barrier: The Dubai visa does not have all the information or lines in the English language. Many things are printed in the Arabic language. Thus one needs to thoroughly check the originality of the visa.

We know that it is risky to obtain a visa, and one has to utilise their precious time to verify it. If a person wants a visa that is authentic and original, he or she can navigate to Dubaievisaonline. They provide authentic visas, and many happy customers prove it!

The verification process of the Dubai visa online

The usual and trustworthy method of online verification of a visa is by navigating to the GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs) website or app. Follow these steps for online verification of the visa:

  1. Navigate to the GDRFA website online. One can select the English option to see a translated page.
  2. One will find the option of choosing the service under the service to inquire option.
  3. One has to select the option that he or she wants to verify or inquire about. For example, if a person wants to inquire about Entry Permit Validity enter the same.
  4. In the space provided below, one is asked to type the entry permit number. One can find the “entry permit number” on the visa.
  5. It is important to remember that one has to enter the number backwards i.e., the person has to enter the number by reading it from right to left. This is according to the Arabic language and the way it is readout.
  6. One has to enter the first two sets of numbers using a drop-down box. The last set of numbers is entered first, followed by the second last set and then the one that appears in the beginning.
  7. Then, one has to provide the first name. This name has to be in English.
  8. One has to select the gender next.
  9. After selecting the gender, the individual has to select the nationality” from the drop-down options.
  10. Captcha code is shown and one has to type it out in the box provided. This has to be done accurately or one can try another code.
  11. A person can try another captcha code when it is not legible.
  12.  After entering the captcha code select the submit option in the centre.
  13. If one needs to check or alter all the provided details, he or she can choose the back option.
  14. Select the submit option after this.

After all the details are rightly entered, the details of the visa are visible. One can find the period of validity, date of expiry, and status. If the visa is not original one will find an error stating the invalidity.

There is another website that is trusted by many people for attaining a visa to the country. Navigate to Dubaievisonline and verify the e-visa online. 

One can select the Dubai Visa Status option on the top right corner of the page. After the page opens, enter application ID and passport number in the spaces allotted. Click on the check visa status

It offers an easy and hassle-free way to verify the visa application and to track the status.

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