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dubai to unveil worlds largest fountain on october 22

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Dubai has progressed very swiftly in the last two-decades or twenty years. The face of this Emirate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has drastically changed from the fishing village with people moving in Dhow boats to an epicentre of trade and the melting pot of various cultures. In Order to Dubai, You need to Apply Dubai Visa.

This city was in the news and made headlines many times for its uniqueness. It is the most loved city by the tourists as well as the expatriates. It is a very popular spot for tourism for the people of all nations and backgrounds or types of lifestyles.

The statistics of the travellers going to visit this prestigious Emirates have been promising the great extent to which it attracts international travellers. Every year the number of people touring multiplied several times.

In 2016, the number of people visiting the city peaked with fifteen million forming a new record. After this, it is the fourth-highest in terms of popularity among other tourist spots. It is a top place where the international explorers spend the most, according to the statistics of the Tourism Industry.

The city attracts people of every kind and has everything that can interest people with various interests and hobbies. Some activities and places will meet the desires, fantasies, and the hobbies of all people. It is diverse in the tourist options, attractions, as diverse as it is in culture.

The greatest attractions of the city are the architecture, design, and technology. It is the most creative city that involves the design, technology, and skill to create wonders and the best things in the world.

We find the greatest design and architecture in the world here and those architectural marvels have created records in the world. Credit for these wonders created by design and technologies goes to the creative minds and the skilled workmanship of the city. The government encourages skill, talent, and hard work leading to these beautiful structures.

A few of the unique and the world’s first kind of buildings in Dubai

This extravagant city is a heaven for the people who love to explore great architectonics. The city was in papers many times earlier for its world’s most unique buildings!

Let us look at the most famous and unique or the world’s first:

  1. Burj Khalifa: Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world! It is 160 floors and one can watch the entire city glowing in extravagance. This one building holds many unique aspects like it has the mosque that is the world’s highest, a swimming pool that is situated on the highest floor in the entire world, and it has the highest viewing spot in the world!
  2. Burj Al Arab: It is also around downtown and this is the most extravagant place in the world. All the luxury and wealth of the city seems to be focused here! It is the only seven-star (the most luxurious) hotel in the world.
  3. Cayan Tower: It is the only twisted building in the world. Not in a metaphorical way but in the literal sense it is twisted and looks incredible! This does not even have any scaffolding by pillars too!
  4. Palm Jumeirah and the man-made islands: These are the beautiful structures near the Jumeirah beach where many people prefer to sky-dive here to enjoy the beauty. Could we ever imagine that there would be man-made islands Palm Jumeirah? The architects of this city created something that would seem as if these three-hundred islands were created by God.
  5. Atlantis, The Palm: It has more than 65,000 sea animals. This is very unique for its underwater rooms that have become the sensation of the Instagram pictures mainly of the celebrities! It is the first of this kind in the universe!
  6. The Dubai Mall and the Fountain: These are also in the downtown of the city. Dubai Mall is the biggest in the world and a major attraction is an aquarium inside the mall. The fountain in front of the mall is the largest dancing fountain on Earth.

These great marvels in the city are proof of the fact that they encourage and worship art, technology, design, and architecture. Did anyone imagine that the village with fishing and traditional Emirati culture as its roots would become the head-turner with the advancement?

The new Palm Fountain of Dubai

The new fountain is estimated to be near “Pointe” which is a restaurant. It is all ready to set a new record with the Guinness Book of World Records.

It will be sprawling in an area of 14,500 square feet in the sea! This time, the fountain will throw up the water into the air about 105 meters. It will be set up with three thousand LED lights. The government estimates that this will be inaugurated on October 22, 2020.

While all the nations of the world are battling COVID-19, this city is making strides towards achieving records and enhancing tourism. Let us hope that we get a vaccine for the virus to visit this enchanting structure.

It will be named the Palm fountain. The shows of these fountains are tentatively announced by the CEO of the Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment (DFRE). The shows might be organized in the evening from sunset till midnight, most probably from 7 am till 12 am.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The old fountain is just thirty acres. This is the new largest and biggest fountain and is about to set the record for The  Guinness book of world records.

Yes, it has the Atlantis and the beach as the backdrop.

King Fahd's Fountain or the Jeddah is the tallest in the world.

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