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all you need to know about residence visa for stepchild in dubai in 2024

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If an individual is sponsoring their stepchild, their residence visa will be valid only for one year. The sponsor will have to put up a 1361 USD deposit for each child, and the visa can be renewed every year. The deposit should be paid at the Naturalisation and Residency Department, and the deposit will be returned whenever the visa has been cancelled. In this article, we will learn all the details regarding the residence visa for stepchild in dubai

Before applying for the stepchildren and sponsoring them, make sure you check with the department if the application is approved or not, as they first do a background check on the guardian of the children and primarily clarify all the issues so that child does not have to bear any issues later on. The application will be first approved by the director-general of the department.

Approval for the Visa Application

The questioning for custody of the child should be approved by the court in the mother's country and also by the embassy and foreign ministry in her home country. The mother has to mandatorily show proof of legal custody from her former husband. The father who wants to sponsor his wife's son will have to submit to the department a no-objection letter from the father of the child stating that his son or daughter can be sponsored by their stepfather, who also lives in the UAE.

The no objection letter should be approved, be legally signed, and all the documentation should be in place. All of these proceedings should be approved by the authorities, as well as by the embassy in the country of the child. The no objection letter should be stated by both, stating that both the father and guardian do not have any objection to the child shifting to the UAE and being sponsored by their stepfather. 

If the father of the child dies and the mother remarries someone else, then the grandparents of the child have to submit a no-objection letter on behalf of the father of her child, or if that is not possible, then the legal guardian of the child's family can write a no-objection letter.

The man who sponsors the child of the woman he is marrying will ensure he has all the authentic documentation ready, which is the mother's proof of custody, and no objection letter from the father of his or her child or the child's legal guardian will do.


Documents required:

The woman cannot sponsor her former husband's children until she is not a working mother, which also means she has sponsored her family.

  • She is allowed to sponsor her stepson and daughter on humanitarian grounds, which will be discussed by the head of the department.
  • The sponsored child, who is 18 years old, will mandatorily require a birth certificate in addition to doing the authentication and security.
  • The child or children should go to school if they are in that age group and enrol in some of the other educational institutes too.
  • For the sponsorship of the stepchild, the individual should at least earn a salary of over 1633 USD, including the residence.
  • The papers that will be needed are a sponsorship passport copy, a salary slip, and a labour contract.
  • The documents submitted should be attested by the embassy here and the foreign ministry of the country.
  • In some way, the stepfather sponsoring the child should also submit the document to support the child financially to study, and the financial support will also be helpful for the future.
  • Resident fees for the child's resident visa is 81 USD for each child.
  • Passport copies of the child being sponsored.
  • Medical clearance certificate if the child is over 18 years old.
  • Passport-sized photographs of the child being sponsored.


Can the stepmother of the child sponsor the child?

There is a criterion that she will have to fulfil to sponsor the child:

  • She has to earn a monthly salary of not less than 2722 USD or 2178 USD plus
  • She should be a teacher, doctor, and professional related to the medical field, an engineer.
  • In some cases, only permission from the Department of Nationalisation and Residency Dubai (DNRD) is required if the woman is sufficiently earning and even if she isn't even qualifying for the above-mentioned categories.
  • She can then sponsor the child if their permissions are granted by the authorities in the UAE.   


How long will the process of sponsoring and getting the visa take?

  • As you saw above, there are various steps and procedures you will have to go through even before sponsoring. Getting all the permissions There was no objection letter from the actual family member for any further challenges from the child's family.
  • After which, there are court formalities to fulfil.
  • All the proceedings will take approximately 20–25 days.

This was all the information regarding the residence visa for stepchild in Dubai. For more details regarding the Dubai Visa, you can contact Dubai E Visa Online.

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