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Dubai is one of the wealth seven Emirates to make the U.A.E coordinated on the east shoreline of the Arabian Peninsula. It is second most popular city and has the best individuals of 2.1 million individuals with 92% expulsion. Here you are going to know about Dubai Immigration Establishment card.

It is known for its light, extravagant workplaces, various retail plazas, dazzling sea shores, the city of Klumburong, movement activities of the world, sports, and unmistakably the invigorating desert. It has astounded in a brief timeframe as a Middle East business neighborhood and an overall city.

Notwithstanding the way that Dubai has an energetic youth , it is at present moving to the most significant characteristic of London, Bangkok, and Paris as the world number one acclaimed travel objective.

Dubai Immigration Establishment card

Establishment card can be additionally called, CEC or organization foundation card and CIC or organization migration card. Despite the name of the report, it is basically a plastic card, as large as your bank card, which determines the data about your organization. This incorporates the name of your organization, card number and expiry date. Organization foundation card is given by Immigration Authority of that emirate, where your organization is enlisted. It is again critical to specify, that the card isn't given by the enlistment authority itself yet by Immigration authority all things considered.

All in all, if your organization is enlisted with Ajman Free Zone, for instance, it will be not Ajman Free Zone giving the record. Enlistment authority will demand Ajman Immigration Authority to do as such.



It is essential to get this, in light of the fact that numerous business visionaries figure out how to set up an organization in a specific free zone in a matter of a day or two and afterward they need to hang tight for 8 to 14 days, till the migration card for the organization is given. Right now, when there are sure postponements with card discharge, business visionaries become baffled and begin reaching free zone authority. Considering this, be set up to sit tight for your organization foundation card issuance for 8 to 12 days and timetable all your following stages likewise. On the off chance that you have a neighborhood organization, in Dubai, for instance, you will deal with your organization's foundation card autonomously and you will visit Immigration counter in Al Manara Center in Dubai all alone.

There the foundation card will be given to you quickly around the same time after installment and marking of the applicable structure. How about we sum up it momentarily: on the off chance that you have a free zone organization, the application for foundation card of your organization is regularly handled naturally, when your organization is set up, or you need to give up specific archives to the free zone position to start the cycle with Immigration Authority. In the event that you have a neighborhood/terrain organization, you will be dealing with the card yourself by visiting Immigration Authority.


Issuance of foundation card is constantly connected with installment of individual government expenses. You may not think about the charges, on the off chance that you join a free zone organization, on the grounds that periodically foundation card expense is remembered for the organization arrangement and restoration bundle costs. In some cases, be that as it may, free zones indicate foundation card charges independently.

Taking everything into account, for them foundation card charges are paid independently straightforwardly to the movement authority. The foundation card expenses fluctuate from free zone to free zone and can be anyplace from AED 650 to AED 1,500 per year. Neighborhood organizations, in Dubai for instance, pay AED 4,940, nearly AED 5,000.


On the off chance that you wonder, what you may require the card for, the appropriate response is clear. You won't have any significant bearing for any occupant visas, both for yourself and your representatives, without the card. The explanation is that alongside the application records for visas you should introduce a duplicate of the organization's foundation card.

Thusly, you will be ready for your organization enlistment cycle to require a few days, next hold 8 to 12 days for foundation card issuance (if your organization was set up in a free zone) and solely after that you can present the records for your occupant visa. We will cover the subject of inhabitant visas in section 8, which will follow. Additionally, organization foundation card can be needed by state specialist co-ops, when you wish to interface web or water and power in your office


When the card is given, it is either given over to you in unique, and you see it frequently occurring with Dubai free zones, or you simply get a delicate duplicate of the record to your enrolled email address. In the event that you get the first, you should guarantee that you guard it, since, supposing that you free it, you should apply for another card and pay individual substitution charges.



You should guarantee that your organization's migration card is reestablished convenient, which is before its expiry date. In the event that your organization is enrolled in a free zone, free zone authority typically deals with the restoration consequently.

As we previously referenced, foundation card charges are frequently included by free zone experts in organization restoration costs.

Be that as it may, in the event that you are charged independently by a free zone, you may have to move toward the enrollment expert for restoration independently. Lastly, on the off chance that you have a nearby organization, you should deal with the reestablishment cycle all alone and it will be a little while ahead of time before the card lapses yet after organization's enrollment has been restored.

This was all the info on Dubai Immigration Establishment card.

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