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all the facts about Dubai EXPO 2021 Opening Ceremony

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With just a month and 20 days to go, Dubai EXPO 2021 is arriving nearer to its opening date! One of the most anticipated events in Dubai is scheduled to start by October 20, 2021. But before we dive into more information about Dubai EXPO 2021 here is a gist of what Dubai EXPO is and how you can experience this EXPO for yourself!

What is Dubai EXPO?

The EXPO is a world event which is being held in Dubai this year. This expo was initially scheduled in October last year. However, due to the pandemic and the unexpected situation that arose, the EXPO was far from being hosted.

The EXPO was, however, decided to be postponed and held at a later date when things turn out to be a bit better. So here we are waiting for the grandest event of the year.

The EXPO is a platform where a number of people around the world from various countries come together and learn, share and connect with their ideas. While it is a more formal event a lot of people from around the world also come here to have fun and take a break from their daily routine.

Dubai EXPO 2020 is the first-ever event that is about to be held in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia, making it one of the first to be held in an Arab nation. This has sure increased the hype among a lot of people around the world.

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EXPO Opening Ceremony:

As being anticipated of Dubai EXPO 2020, this event will have one of the best and never-seen-before opening ceremony with a number of prominent figures attending from various nationalities. This being said the estimated amount of visitors is said to be about 25 million guests out of which about 70 percent of people are coming from outer countries than the Arab.

The United Arab Emirates, also known for its hospitality towards foreign nationalities will definitely bring up the expectations of the visitors during this event.

Not only is the Dubai EXPO 2020 Opening Ceremony going to be special but it will also be the grandest event being held in decades. During the first day of the EXPO there will be a live ribbon-cutting ceremony also known as the official opening of the event where about 25 million people will be gathering.

This year during the EXPO 2020, both Uber and the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority have come to terms regarding testing out flying cars during the exhibitions, by joining hands, which will be one of the main features in the Dubai EXPO 2020!

EXPO History:

The first EXPO recorded was in the year 1851 at Crystal Palace in London. With about 100,000 exhibition objects being displayed around the EXPO it was named as one of the greatest exhibitions of Works of Industry of all nations. It was the first time during this exhibition that the Telegraph was brought.

The EXPO held in Milan, Italy in the year 2015 was themed on “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. Here a lot of projects based on energy-saving facilities and their usage were dis[played and was definitely a great success.

It is seen that every EXPO has seen a variety of people gather from around the world and attend this event curious about the new inventions and the solutions to a variety of problems that the world is currently facing.

EXPO 2020 exhibition:

It is predicted that the exhibition will last for as long as six months and the theme will be “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. The exhibition will have a lot of fun elements right from oldest to the newest and future inventions which will make the exhibition not only fun to the business enthusiasts but for all the people who will be visiting the exhibition soon.

The main highlights of the event are said to be the Dubai EXPO opening ceremony and the Dubai EXPO closing ceremony. There will be 1083 acres of land being covered by this event which will be located near the Dubai South area which is quite close to Al Maktoum International Airport and will have a total of 4 entrances towards the event. people can enter through these main 4 entrances to get to the event.

Both the opening and the closing ceremonies are supposed to be held at Al Wasl Plaza which will be at the heart of the EXPO 2020. This area can withhold about 10,000 visitors and has a dome-shaped structure. This plaza with about 65 meters tall and a diameter of 150 meters will be where people will initially attend the opening ceremony.

If you are curious about the way the Plaza looks like, you can check out its 360-degree screen view which was displayed to the public in April 2021. Here you get to see both the inside and the outside of the plaza where the function is being held. The dome is said to be the main attraction of this plaza which is followed by the fountains, the waterfalls, the palm-lined courtyards as well.

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Sounds like a pretty wonderful event, right? So why not check out the Dubai EXPO 2020 Opening Ceremony and book your tickets to increase your chances to get to see it live! All you need to do is check out how to apply for Dubai EXPO 2020 tickets and get your own to check out the event.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are planning to attend the opening ceremony of Dubai Expo 2021 and have not yet bought the tickets, then there is some good news for you. The organizers have announced that they have opened up a new phase of ticket sales. While earlier the tickets were available only to UAE residents, now they are available to all. You only need to be a resident of a country that is part of the World Expo Association.

Dubai Expo 2021 has been a long journey. It all started with a concept in 2013 and later it was confirmed that Dubai will host the World Expo 2021. The Expo is considered to be the world's biggest international event which brings the whole world together. However, some things are not allowed in Expo 2021. The Dubai Expo 2021 opening ceremony is quite long. It includes things like weapons, drugs, and alcohol. The list of prohibited items also includes drones, laser pointers, and selfie sticks. The list is long but it's a necessary precaution from preventing things from going wrong and creating a hazardous environment.

The Dubai Expo 2021 will begin with a grand opening ceremony that will have the participation of more than 8,000 people. 12,000 journalists and more than 200,000 spectators are expected to attend the opening ceremony of the Expo. The opening ceremony of the Expo is the first opportunity for a lot of people to get to see the Expo grounds, and it's the first event that gives an idea of what the rest of the Expo will be like. The opening ceremonies of the World Expos are all about pomp and circumstance, and everyone who attends the Expo is hoping to experience this. Most of the World Expo opening ceremonies are held at night and involve a lot of lights, lasers, fireworks, and other special effects. The ceremony will also be attended by more than 80 heads of state.

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