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do i need a transit visa to catch a connecting flight in dubai

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Do I need a transit visa to catch a connecting flight in Dubai? Well, an answer to this depends on the amount of time that you want to spend in Dubai. A trip to Dubai be it just for transit also tends to be more fun when you get out of Dubai airport and tend to explore the place. With Burj Khalifa, Ras Al Khaimah, and other such wonderful places including the Sharjah museum of civilization, you have a whole list to be explored in Dubai. This exploration of Dubai can now be done without wasting a single minute of your travel with just having a visa service through Dubai E Visa Online


  • Connecting flights in Dubai
  • Documents that need to be shown to the immigration officers
  • Cases, where you need not, take a Dubai transit visa
  • FAQs

Connecting flights in Dubai

There are many connecting flights that run through Dubai and hence if you are a foreigner it is needed for you that you should take a Dubai transit visa if not any other type of visa is not available along with you. This visa is needed so that you can get inside the country. There will be immigration officers who will be checking all of the documents that are needed to enter Dubai. Without having these documents being submitted you will neither be allowed and will have to apply for one before you get an entry.

Documents that need to be shown to the immigration officers

There are quite some documents that will be needed to be shown to immigration officers in order for you to get an entry and those can be given as follows:

  • Your valid Dubai visa, it can be a transit visa in case of transit via Dubai or it can be a Dubai tourist visa or a visa for any other purpose.
  • A valid passport with two pages kept blank and having at least six months left in the validity period when you enter Dubai. 
  • Your hotel booking that has been done in Dubai where you will be staying in for the next days while transiting through Dubai
  • Your fight ticket to another country from Dubai will be a must and must also show that the time you need to wait in Dubai for.

Once you get all of these documents only then can you enter Dubai if a foreigner is travelling to Dubai?

Cases, where you need not, take a Dubai transit visa

There are quite a few cases where you will not be required to take a visa in order to enter Dubai and the following cases are applicable:

  • You are a citizen of a country that is eligible to enter without a visa
  • You are a citizen of a country that can take a visa once they arrive at Dubai airport
  • Your transit goes up for no more than eight hours while transiting through Dubai.
  • You are a holder of a diplomatic passport and your country has been listed in those that need not apply for a visa.
  • You are a citizen of Dubai itself.
  • You are a GCC citizen

In all of these cases, you need not take a visa to enter Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions

No there will be no changes in the Dubai transit visa cost even if you go through two more transits in other areas.

Yes, you will be needed to take a transit visa if you only hold a work permit and not a work visa. However, if you have a work visa you need not apply for one.

Well, now that depends on the cases that have been mentioned and the time as well.

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