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Thinking of having a transit through Dubai airport? But you need to wait for a time longer than you had expected? Then don’t worry about the visas, as this 3 days Dubai visa will let you stay for as long as three days in the country. This visa is key for you to stay in Dubai for more than a day or two in case you have to wait for your flight for a long time than you had estimated. This Dubai visa allowing an entry is also more than what a transit visa can ever offer. Want to know more about how to get it and how you can use it? Then stay close as Dubai E Visa Online will solve all your doubts no matter how small or how big it is! 


Frequently Asked Questions

This 3 days Dubai visa is also known as the 96 hours Dubai transit visa will let you stay in Dubai for three days in which you can catch your next flight to the final destination. This visa will, however, stay valid only for 96 hours and then will not be valid anymore, and hence keeping this in mind you should check whether a flight to your destination is available within this time period or not.

This visa has proven to be one of the best options as you can easily stay for 3 days without any need of getting a long term visa such as the 30 days Dubai visa or even the 90 days single entry Dubai visa. These visas will allow a period of longer stay and hence sometimes it will be a waste of money to get this visa. The 3 days visa is an ideal option for those people who want to enter the country but will leave the country in about 3 or fewer days. 

No, this three days visa being a type of visa which allows staying only for three days will not be helpful if you have to stay for at least 15 days. In this case, you will have to apply for a visa that will let you stay for a longer time period which can be a 30 days multiple entry Dubai visa. This will let you stay in Dubai for about 30 days within which you can travel in and out of the country.

Yes, you can get this visa through an online method provided that you fill in an application form and contain all the important documents that you have to produce while submitting the visa application. 

There are a couple of requirements that a person will have to fulfill in order to get a 3 days Dubai visa. The requirements can be stated as follows:

  1. A Dubai visa application form filled in by the applicant for a Dubai visa which will be complete with the signature. 
  2. A picture that will follow the passport size conditions.
  3. Flight tickets which will be to your final destination
  4. A copy of the applicant’s first and last page of the passport.
  5. The passport must follow the 6-month validity condition.
  6. A medical certificate
  7. Your bank balance conditions.
    1. Travel insurance

Yes, it is absolutely necessary to get a hotel reservation booking done before you apply for a 3 days Dubai visa. Without this getting, a visa will be quite hard for you. 

When you apply for a 96 hour Dubai visa or a 3 days Dubai visa you can get an only single entry visa.

Yes, there are some steps that are quite simple to follow by everyone and you can apply for a visa through these simple Dubai visa in three steps. The steps to follow can be given as mentioned below:

  1. Check the availability of visa according to the country you belong to
  2. Apply for a particular type depending on the number of entries
    1. Give the application form all the details required and attach all the documents asked for and pay the charges.

You will easily get to know about whether your visa has been registered or not just be getting a mail on your mail-id. In this mail, you will also get your application number mentioned, which will help you get the visa tracking as well. 

Hence you can easily apply for a 3 days Dubai visa without having to worry about the number of days you need to stay once you are in Dubai.

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