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DAFZA is a place hosting about 16,000 companies from all across the globe which are carrying out their operations in the UAE. Being established in 1996, DAFZA is a strategic plan by the UAE Government to create an investment-driven economy. One of the fastest-growing zones is the Dubai Airport Free Zone in Dubai. Some of the various growing industries in the DAFZA are aviation, freight, logistics, IT, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals, engineering, food & beverage, jewelry, and also cosmetics.

The Dubai Airport free zone is grounded next to Dubai International Airport. It provides an array of facilities to all the industries established in the DAFZA. All the International Investors get the great benefit from the Dubai Free Zone’s dynamic success, through its excellent taxing and investment incentives. DAFZA is a regulatory body in Dubai Airport Free Zone which takes care of all the business registrations and business licensing.

DAFZA has its great geographical advantage as it bridges the gaps between the Middle Eastern and the African Markets along with those of Europe and the Asia parts. It truly provides a spectacular chance to you if you are planning to set up your business in Dubai, UAE.

Content Overview:

  1. Dubai Airport Free Zone.

  2. Advantages of Dubai Airport Free Zone.

  3. Types of License Available in DAFZA.

  4. Legal Entities Permitted in DAFZA.

  5. The process to set up business in DAFZA.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Exemption from the Corporate Tax.

  • 100% Exemption from the Income Tax.

  • 100% Foreign Company Ownership.

  • The Strategic location would be adjacent to the Dubai International Airport.

  • The Returns of the Capital and the Profits.

  • The Excellent Infrastructure and all the facilities.

  • The dedicated logistics centers.

  • The exceptional cargo handling services.

  • The 24/7 operation per day.

  • The best amazing infrastructure for your company.

  • Direct access to all government facilities like immigration, customs, etc.

  • The all in one-stop for the administrative services.

    • The super quick and easy access to more than 220 countries through the 130 Airline's support.

  • Trade License: it allows to perform the trading activities like the import, export, re-export, the distribution, and the storage of some specific products. All these activities are permitted to the trade licensee holder in the Dubai Airport Free Zone.

  • Service License: it is for all the service-oriented businesses and it helps them to provide the services which are specified in the service license.

  • Industrial License: if you are a business person and willing to carry the light manufacturing industrial activities, the packaging activities, the assembling activities, then you can go for the Industrial license.

    • General Trading License: it allows you to trade in general activities like import, export, re-export, storing, and distributing. Also, it provides more than 2 categories of products.

  • Free Zone Establishment: (FZE) 

    • It should have shareholders between 1 to 50.

    • The shareholder can be an individual or a corporate body.

    • The minimum capital requirement is AED 1,000.

    • Each share denomination has to be of AED 1,000.

  • The Branch Office of an Existing Company: 

      • No capital requirement is there in the DAFZA for this category.

The process made by the DAFZA is simple and hustle free so that you can easily go on the registration of the company without any issues.

  • You need to select the Business Entity the License and the Facility: 

    • First, you have to select your type of legal business from the list of all the legal entities i.e. the Free Zone Establishment or a Branch Officer.

    • Then you have to choose the business license that you require according to your business operations.

    • Then you have to select the right facility for your business that you are running in your location. 

    • DAFZA provides you the facilities like business offices, light industrial units, fitted spaced offices, and also the co-working spaces for your business operations.

  • Then you have to submit your documents:

    • Application Form

    • Letter of Intent

    • Your existing company brochure (if that is available).

    • Annual financial report or the shareholder’s 6 months bank statement (but it is not acceptable in the case of the new registrations).

    • A copy of the manager's passport and CV.

    • A copy of the shareholder's passport and CV.

    • The original bank reference letter for each of the shareholders.

    • The no-objection letter by the current sponsor for the manager.

    • Initial approval(s) from all the third-party authorities in the case when your business is eligible to get some kind of approvals, like media, IT, pharmaceutical, etc.

    • ** This process can take 3-4 weeks.

  • Then you have to collect your Business License:

    • You have to sign the lease agreement. 

    • Then you have to pay the fees for the same and then finally collect your business license.

So, this was all about the Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA) guide which will surely help you to set up the business in this free zone super easily and that too hustle free.

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