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a complete guide to the world art dubai 2020

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World Art Dubai, which is all set to return for its 6th year has gained prominence throughout the world for its exemplary works of art which don’t fail to surprise with every passing year. This art fair prides itself on being one of the most affordable art fairs in the region as they are the proud flag bearers of bringing affordable art to the middle east with works starting as low as 100 USD! 

The World Art Dubai which is an annual event, witnesses the presence of artists throughout the world, showcasing their works of art. Whether you’re an art aficionado or just someone who is steadily dabbling in the world of art, you’re bound to find pieces that’ll take your breath away and leave you wanting more. 

The vibrancy that is art fair exudes is like no other. It houses some of the greatest contemporary works by Indie artists around the globe, whether this is eclectic pop art or a reinvention of modern classics, the artwork found at World Art Dubai is meant to transform any setting you place them in. Apart from sourcing world-renown artists, World Art Dubai is also a great platform for local Emirati artists who get to showcase the fruits of their labor, an opportunity that a lot of small-scale artists aren’t presented with. World Art Dubai makes art from remote corners of the world more accessible and brings the cauldron of diversity to the middle east, all under one roof. 

Apart from showcasing magnificent works of art, to make this a more holistic and immersive experience, World Art Dubai also offers creative workshops throughout the fair so that consumers can experience and live the world of magic and colors themselves. 


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Besides bringing some of the world’s best artists together, WAD also recognizes their rare, innate talent and contribution to WAD and facilitates them at the annual award show which takes place during the fair. The categories the awards are divided into are: World Art Dubai emerging Artist, World Art Dubai Solo Artist Award, World Art Dubai Gallery Award and World Art Dubai Outstanding Art Award 

World Art Dubai is the harbinger of introducing affordable and contemporary art to the middle east. Since its inception, it has completely revolutionized the art industry, not just in the middle east but also throughout the world. By making art accessible and affordable, World Art Dubai is bridging the gap between the world of art which was once thought to be a luxury attainable only by the elite and the masses. With every consecutive year, the footfall at the art fair has only increased, an indication of the massive hit this initiative is. 

Since we find ourselves in rare and unforeseen circumstances, with ample time on our hands, we can make this quarantine a productive one by learning new skills and channeling our uncertain and anxious thoughts into creating lasting art that we can reflect upon once this lockdown ends. To do the same, World Art Dubai is offering DIY online workshops where you can challenge your artistic bone! Keeping in the mind the difficulty, these online workshops are suitable for all beginners and require items you’d already have lying around the house making this activity engaging, fun and hassle-free! From online tutorials that’ll help you revamp spaces of your house to learning the simple yet masterful technique of blending oil pastels perfectly to produce your desired hue and finally using mundane ingredients such as coffee and turmeric and transforming them into pieces of art, there is an on-line tutorial for every age, need and mode available on the World Art Dubai website which we will be linking below. Apart from these comprehensive tutorials, WAD is also offering a virtual tour of the fair which is a glimpse of what one can expect at the art festival. 


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Dates and Timings 

8 October: 2 pm - 9 pm 

9 October: 2 pm - 9 pm 

10 October: 2 pm - 8 pm 


Trade Centre Arena, DWTC 

Admission Fees 

Admission Ticket Onsite: AED 25 (valid for one day) 

Online Tickets Pre-Show: AED 20 (valid for one day) 

Kids between 10 - 18 admission: AED 10 (valid for one day) 

Kids under 10 years enter for free.

Travel and accommodation 

World Art Dubai offers exclusive discounts on travel and accommodation as they have well-placed tie-ups with their sponsors. The airline partner for WAD 2020 is 

Emirates and one can expect a 10% discount on airfare if booking through Emirates using the special promo code provided on the WAD website. 

WAD also has tie-ups with some of the most premium hotels around the city, offering up to 25% discount and complimentary breakfast! Several hotels are here listed to suit your wide array of needs. To find out more about the list of hotels, head to the official WAD site!

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