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the impact of coronavirus on tourism statistics 2020

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Chinese are inherently a bunch of curious people. They often treat themselves to the extraordinary and look for the impossible. Whether it's their delicious Chinese cuisine or the art of using distinctive organisms on the palate. Or their curiosity and enthusiasm for exploration, proof of this is the fact that they make up most of the tourists worldwide.

Unfortunately, the Chinese or China are, despite their greatness, the trending topic according to Google Trends. And all because of the corona virus, which has managed to take not only China but most of Asia by storm. So what was it like before and after the coronavirus or the outbreak of the Covid 19 epidemic? What effects will the coronavirus have on the 2020 tourism statistics and the rest of the world?


Effects of the corona virus on China and the rest of the world: before and after

The number of corona virus cases increases every day. While it all started in Wuhan, it quickly spread across China. However, it did not stop here; Vietnam, Hong Kong, Bali, Italy were soon also deepened; This led to a sharp decline in the tourism sector worldwide.

Although the after-effects of the corona virus are still to be seen, there is a forecast for Asia Tourism 2020 here. This report is based on the previous statistics compared to the data collected in the first quarter of 2020 (February 2020).


The beginning of the corona virus in China

Nobody knows where or when the virus was manifested, but the many cases of pneumonia alarmed by the Chinese government have led to much speculation. However, the cause was soon discovered to be the corona virus, a strain of the SARS virus (severe acute respiratory syndrome), which is also known as the SARS corona virus 2. And so it compensated for the worldwide panic that was accompanied by myths and suspected healings. Regardless of whether the cure is established or not, there are still standard preventive measures implemented by various governments around the world.

One such measure was the temporary cessation of trade relations with the Chinese. While the current scenario requires it, it will certainly have a direct impact on the global economy through the first half of 2020.

Within a month, Coronavirus changed the plans of millions of tourists who had to cancel their plans to visit mainland China, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and Japan, to name a few.

Although many thought that coronavirus was a thing in Asia and limited to Asia, they were surprised by the impact of the coronavirus on Italian tourism in 2020. The abandoned tourist attractions and the people who live from the income of the tourist visitors have had great success.


The effects of the corona virus on Italy Tourism 2020

The country with the most reported Covid 19 cases after China is not an Asian country, but a popular Schengen country, Italy.

When I say that global tourism statistics will drop 50%, I have good reason to believe it. While it doesn't necessarily have to drop to 50%, the ongoing threat can certainly offer such opportunities.

As most of the popular tourist destinations in Italy are almost empty, the conditions should not improve in the second quarter of 2020 either. Here are some examples to support the claim. While these places are certainly full of tourists, the beginning of the first quarter of 2020 supports something else.

The corona virus has managed to captivate even the Holy City of the Vatican. While the drop in the number of tourists to the Vatican may not be as high as it is in Italy, tourists are still sceptical.

Even the hail and the heart-healthy people with strong immunity * have developed a fear of Covid 19 disease. The WHO released a statement that the devastation caused by the corona virus in China is only the tip of the iceberg.

According to this, domestic tourism statistics worldwide point to a decrease of 15%, even if the countries not affected by the virus are affected.

Note *: So far, it has been reported that the victims have a lower immunity rate or a weaker immune system.


Asian countries affected by the coronavirus epidemic

Asia is on the brink of stigmatization as the forerunner of the virus outbreak. Most other popular tourist destinations remain almost empty. In fact, only a handful of tourists can be seen in most of the once crowded venues.

Railway wagons run empty and the always crowded Disneylands not only from Shanghai but also from Hong Kong. Indeed, Disneyland, Hong Kong is believed to be one of the quarantine centres.

In Beijing, where fascinating temples and palaces are located, there will also be a handful of tourists in the first quarter of 2020. It remains to be seen how high the number of tourists will be in the second quarter of 2020.

The irony of the Forbidden City in Beijing is literally lacking tourist influx in the first quarter of 2020.


Tourism in India could thrive in 2020 due to the least impact on the corona virus

Donald Trump's visit to India recently rated India positively as an oriental vacation destination. While the rest of the world is still debating whether to risk it or not, the arrival of foreign tourists to India has not changed significantly since last year.

Again, this is a surprising discovery given that China is one of India's neighbours. India is one of the few countries that rely exclusively on China for imports. This could be one of the reasons why this colourful country can become a popular vacation destination that will allow Singapore to run for its money in the second quarter of 2020.


Dubai Visa Restrictions

Dubai: The overnight announcements about Dubai visa and travel restrictions in the United Arab Emirates to curb the spread of the Coronavirus raised several questions as residents and visitors at home and abroad seek further details on the guidelines and claim they will have a tremendous impact on them.

Late on Wednesday evening, the UAE suspended entry of all valid visa holders who are currently out of the country for a renewable period of two weeks from Thursday afternoon (March 19). Earlier in the day, the Federal Citizenship and Identity Authority temporarily suspended issuing all visas when arriving on Thursday from 1 a.m. The UAE's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation also announced a temporary ban on citizens who will travel abroad from Wednesday until further notice.


The effects of the corona virus on the global economy

China is a major raw material supplier around the world. Since most Chinese prefer to work from home, it was assumed that the Chinese market would move downwards in the first half of January 2020. In fact, the country had seen its GDP drop by 5%.

While arrangements have been made to prevent the virus from spreading further, residents are concerned that the number of people quarantined in China is ever increasing.


Preventive measures against coronaviruses in China

With strict measures, manufacturers of safety masks, disinfectants and disinfectants, to name just a few, are in great demand. Experts even speculate that it is now time for these industries to make the most of this scenario.


strict measures for Coronavirus 2020

A typical mask that costs INR 50 is now sold for INR 500. Disinfectants run out in pharmacies. All because of the chaos caused by a single virus strain. And although the coronavirus has a mortality rate well below that of MERS and Ebola, the panic it caused is far beyond that.


The judgment

While the global economy was certainly impacted by the corona virus, the aftermath may continue in the second and third quarters of 2020. Let us hope and pray that the threat will soon pass and that the world is safe and secure again is a beautiful place to embark.

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