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Sharjah is an absolute place to live with your family and why wouldn’t it be when it has such wonderful stuff to watch and the amenities that you get is what you might not even have expected about. With such a place being available to you, you can easily get a Sharjah residence visa issued to you. This however might need you to know some stuff about the residency visa before you decide to apply for it. Though you might think it is an easy process, you might still need some help that Dubai E Visa Online will extend out for you.

Q. How does a Sharjah residency visa help me to stay for a long time in Sharjah?

A Sharjah residency visa is given to all of the people who are foreigners and do not belong to Sharjah. These foreigners who wish to stay in Sharjah for a long time can get this visa and stay for as long as the validity goes on for. This visa will also help in other developments such as getting an employment opportunity and staying almost as a citizen of the country.

Q. What are the advantages that I get when I apply for a Sharjah residency visa?

When you apply for a Sharjah residency visa you will be able to get access to the following advantages:

  • You can work for a long time here in Sharjah
  • You can stay with your family while working in a foreign country
  • You can get your kids admitted in a school which gives the finest education
  • You can get a driver’s license issued under your name
  • You can get a house on lease in Sharjah while you stay on a residency visa in Sharjah.
  • You can register your name for other documents and stay as if you are a citizen of the country.

Q. What if the Sharjah visa I have is just 2 months valid, can I still travel from Sharjah to Oman?

Yes, you can travel from Sharjah to Oman even if your Sharjah visa is valid only for two months. However, your passport must have six months or more validity still left for the crossing of borders.

Q. What are the eligibility criteria that I must follow in order to be able to sponsor my parents on a Sharjah resident visa?

Even if you are a resident here in Sharjah, you will still need to follow some of the criteria as follows:

  • Must have a good salary of about 2000+ AED
  • Must have a house where they can live once they arrive
  • Must have a valid residency visa and a passport
  • Must hold all the responsibilities as a sponsor

With completing all the eligibility criteria you can be able to sponsor your parents on a Sharjah resident visa.

Q. Can I cancel my Sharjah residency visa even if I am out of the country and I am not able to travel back to Sharjah to get the visa cancel stamp?

Yes, you can get the visa canceled through an online method by talking to the officials of the immigration bodies. It will also be fine even if you do not get the cancellation stamp right after you have got it the residency visa canceled. Also with the system showing that your visa has been canceled, you can also apply for a new visa.

Q. What if my Sharjah visa has a total validity of 2 years and I am staying out of the country for about the whole time and I just want to get it renewed before it expires, so can I travel to Sharjah right before the visa expires every time?

Yes, as long as the visa has not expired you can travel to Sharjah and get it renewed.

Hence you can apply for a Sharjah residency visa with the help of the information given.

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