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Sharjah's 2021 February light festival steals the show

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Sharjah being the third-largest city in the United Arab Emirates has a lot to offer to its visitors. Sharjah is known for its cultural revolution around the UAE. One of the biggest highlights of this city is the Sharjah Light Festival.

What is Sharjah Light Festival?

  • Sharjah Light Festival (SLF) was initiated in the year of 2010. It is an art festival which takes place every year in Sharjah. 
  • It is organized by Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority.
  • This light festival showcases a unique story about its rich culture and heritage by illuminating Emirate’s most prime architecture with lights and sounds.

Why Sharjah Light Festival organized Every Year?

Sharjah Light Festival unites everybody from family to friends. The purpose of this majestic light festival is to celebrate the art of lights and illustrations. Throughout this festival, more than half a million people unite to experience this visual treat. Sharjah is known for its culture and traditions and it is beautifully represented in the Light Festival of Sharjah. The heritage of the United Arab Emirates is showcased throughout the set of shows along with technology and art.


Information about Sharjah Light Festival 2021

Here are the details about Sharjah Light Festival taking place in 2021:

  • Date: Starts on 3rd February 2021 and ends on 12th February 2021

  • Venue: Has to be decided yet


Digital show of Sharjah Light Festival 2019

Let us take a step back, rewind, and reflect on the digital show Sharjah Light Festival last year. There were 21 wholesome light illustrations last year and each one of them holds a significant purpose behind them.

  1. Sunrise

  • As the word says, it is a depiction of how the universe has emerged and evolved. How everything revolves around the sun and progress from there. 
  • Here, the sun is the main element. This was presented by Tigre Lab, the Spanish creative team.


  1. A house under the sea in the moonshine

This takes place at Masjid Al Noor’s facade, a charming gem of Sharjah which expels high contrast lights and geometric patterns.


  1. Light Carousel

  • This takes place in Khalid Lagoon where the sea transforms into a beam of searchlights throughout the skyline of the city. 
  • It is a true representation of Dubai’s nightlife and its extravagant skyline and architecture.
  1. A-maze in

Mazes confuse you into figuring your way out. Similarly, A-maze in is going to confuse and swirl you into 14 different entrances, all exceptionally beautiful with illuminating and gleaming lights.

  1. The Walking Dream

  • Taking place at the exteriors of Masjid Sheikh Rashid Bin Ahmad Al Qassimi, this cascade of illuminating and dancing lights truthfully make up for ‘the walking dream’.
  • Here, symmetrical patterns smear over the different surfaces of this extraordinal monument. It is indeed a blissful pleasure to the eyes.
  1. Landing in Sharjah, Monoliths

  • This project took place in Dr. Sultan Al Qassimi Centre for Gulf Studies by a director from France with exceptional skills of merging art and technology together. 
  • It is a representation of the history and progression of the cultures and architecture in Dubai.
  1. Logbook of a Digital Explorer

  • Kaleidoscopes are a major part of the Light show in Sharjah. These Kaleidoscopes represent a variety of beautiful patterns. 
  • This representation takes place in one of the oldest parts of Sharjah which is known for traditional souks and markets.
  1. Abstract at SLF’19

  • Shaping art and technology together to create stunning illustrations on the monumental installations.
  • This forms by a mixture of lights, sound, graphics, and digital motion. 
  • It is a pleasure to see how they turn your normal, everyday monuments to this majestic piece of art with design.
  1. Graphic Playhouse

  • Graphic Playhouse, as the name suggests is a new world of graphic skills being represented in this show. 
  • You can create magic with your graphic designing skills and Bijoy KV has depicted exactly how. These illustrations, right at the heart of Sharjah, with selectively picked colors and patterns.
  1. Pictorial Compositions and their variations

  • What truly defines an art festival is how they transform words and meanings into visual representations. 
  • Especially with light festivals, you get the true meaning and purpose behind their depiction with just the visual aspects of it. That is when you truly learn the definition of art.
  • Here, the show covers the tiniest of the architectural details of Sharjah Police Academy with all forms of art being poetry, technology, and visual treats.
  1. Live Fresco

  • With a pinch to Sharjah’s culture and heritage, this show is performed by Theo Haggai. 
  • It is beautiful to see how simple lines of cartoon illustrations say so much about Sharjah’s history of education and encouragement.
  1. Light House

  • When we talk about the House of justice, the first thing that comes into our minds is its architecture. 
  • This show takes it a step further to enhance the architectural aspects of this place with the introduction of graphical illusions and pictures into it.
  1. Peonies Alumines

  • Peonies meaning literally translates into a flower that belongs to the family of Paeoniaceae. This show was performed by another French team which goes by the name TILT. 
  • It beautifully showcases the art and minimalism of flowers. These illuminating display of flowers cover Old Sharjah in the most enthralling way.
  1. History through the ages

  • One of the most prominent aspects of Sharjah and the whole of the United Arab Emirates is its story throughout the ages. How it has progressed and developed into what is it now. 
  • This show visually represents a timeline right from the beginning when humans started evolving and discovering things as they went. This human life representation takes place at Al Hisn Fort because of the historical presence this landmark holds.
  1. Arabic Fusion

  • All the names for the shows in this festival are so well thought of that they exactly represent what they say. Arabic Fusion depicts the culture of Islam. 
  • They show what a person understands when they hear the term ‘Arabic’. Going back to what Sharjah is known for, which is its rich cultural heritage, this show gracefully takes place in the Supreme Court of Family Affairs. 
  1. Chromatic Lights

  • Ever wondered how colors play a major role in the entire form of art. Not designs, not templates but just pure basic colors. Chromatic lights are a pure display of that. 
  • It is presented by Julien Fieux from France. 
  1. Magic Wonders

  • Presented by the Young Talent Design team, this show focuses on creating architectural mapping over the places with top artists from London, New York, and Paris. 
  • The cities known for its constant display of art come together at Kalba to showcase their show.
  1. Knowledge Avenue

  • There is an art in the power of learning. Knowledge is the most prominent form of energy one could acquire. 
  • Relating to knowledge, this show takes place in the University City Campus where Sharjah’s premier institute is acknowledged for its academic excellence with a hint of culture to it while millions of LED pixels light up the area.
  1. Growing culture

  • Taking place at Khorfakkan Heritage is this dynamic piece of visual arts on a plain surface. 
  • Art is visually depicted on plain surfaces which give them a lot more depth and dimension with the sound effects taking the experience to a whole new level.
  1. Stellar Falcons

  • This illuminating digital project takes place in Al Hamriyah Town where 3D representation to visual arts is given throughout the halls of this town. 
  • Esther Megard, being the artist behind this masterpiece showcases how art can be brought to life with motion graphics.
  1. Audio Visual Chemistry

  • If there something that holds the roots of this festival, that is the visual production and sound working together. 
  • This another dynamic show is represented by the Young Talent Design team to show the audience the capabilities of sound and visualizations working together.


In conclusion, visiting Sharjah’s light festival is truly a once in a lifetime experience. There is no better way to experience the true culture and heritage of this city than doing it with art. There are various forms of art that you’ll come across during this festival and realize how visual art communicates to you on a deeper level without the use of any words.

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