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restaurants to visit in palm jumeirah dubai

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All journeys are memories and experiences. Every experience is special and sought after by every tourist if he walks through the narrow streets and feels the vitalities of the area, embraces the culture of locals, bustling town life, and bright nightlife. Gastronomy is such a way to grasp a place and its history well and truly. During your dinner trip, the experience is unparalleled when it comes to Dubai, one of the world's top tourist destinations. The lovely scent of food will ensure that you are drawn to the streets of Dubai, where you can enjoy the best dishes, not only genuinely Arabic food but all of the world's top cuisine. In this article, we have jotted down the list of Best Restaurants to Visit in Palm Jumeirah Dubai. And Dubai's gastronomy cannot be better experienced than Palm Jumeirah's restaurants. In all it has to offer its tourists, Dubai is truly an international destination.

What a better place than just the greatness of Palm Jumeirah to just have the greatest gastronomical experience of your life! Be sure that it will keep you asking for more with incredible food and an even better ambiance!

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This restaurant is located in one of the world's finest and most prestigious hotels, Atlantis, and it has wonderful decor and a wonderful environment. Not only is this decoration appealing for you, but there's also the incredible traditional Japanese cuisine, which is enriched with authentic South American cooking techniques. The pleasant music will certainly improve your restaurant experience.


Zest Restaurant, located in One and Only The Palm, is mainly known for its amazing, distinctive Arabic architecture. Either you can dine inside the restaurant, or you can opt to dine under the shady terrace. Western cuisine, combined with a genuine Arabic touch, is a delicious food!

Ibn Al Bahr

Look nowhere else than IBn Al Bahr in Club Vista Mare for the best marine food in Palm Jumeirah. No way you would not want to come back here, right from the cordial reception of the workers, to the high ceiling and astonishing glasses and the wonderful seafood you can experience along with the fun music in the background!

Social by Heinz Beck

What if you are in Dubai, but suddenly you begin to look for an Italian feel? The architecture and history of Italy cannot be experienced, but at least you can feel as close as possible to Italy via Italian cuisine. And that is why the Social of Heinz Beck in Waldorf Astoria should be your place if you ever want Italian cuisine. A special menu designed by Heinz Beck, the 3-star chef, with ordinary dishes and festive dishes, specializing in Italian and European cuisine. Don't forget to try the 'fagotelli carbonara' signature of the chef wherever you are!

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101 Dining Lounge & Bar

How about a meal and a taste of your favorite cocktail while you have an amazing view of Dubai's skyscraper? Take a break into Dubai's business while having dinner in the 101 Dining Lounge and Bar in One & Only The Palm. The view of the Palm Jumeirah Beach outline will increase the dining experience as ever!


Food will always take you to places you've not been, and that's true when you feel the true Brazilian cuisine right from Dubai. Frevo, located at Fairmont The Palm, will take you to your plate right in Brazil. Highlights of the Brazilian menu are skewered meats and meat cuts, and vegetarians don't care because you still have several choices to choose from.

Maiden Shanghai

Maiden Shanghai is one of Dubai's top restaurants for Asian and Chinese cuisine situated in Five Palm Jumeirah. The Maiden Shanghai is the restaurant you must visit during the Dubai trip, whether the attitude or the courtesy of the workers or lip-smacker cuisine. Enter the signature dishes of this restaurant by trying Beijing Duck, Noodles, and the Chicken Kung Pao.

Biriyani Street

If you didn't try authentic biryani from the Middle East, is your tour of Dubai even complete? Biriyani, one of the world's most famous dishes, and particularly Dubai, certainly deserves a place in the best cuisine. You can taste so many kinds of biryanis in Biriyani Street, with each its own mouth-watering. The genuine taste, the masala, and the distinctive style of chefs' cuisine can only make it flavorful. There are more than one reason you should visit this place again: the street food scene along with its rustic interior.


In the Golden Mile, Wagamama is your salvation for the inexpensive dining experiences on the Jumeirah Palm. Experiences and shopping in Dubai will lighten your pockets, and you will have to go to Wagamama to appreciate wonderful food at a very affordable cost. New, fine food at low prices, and Pad Thai, the top dish of this restaurant, is very renowned and can be expected when you're here. This restaurant does not serve alcohol, but you must note.

Seafire Steakhouse & Bar

The atmosphere for the best steak you'd ever taste is the Seafire Steakhouse and the Bar situated in The Ground Level, The Avenues, and Atlantis The Palm. The atmosphere is the perfect place to have beef. Enjoy a range of tender beef, lamb, and chicken with well seasoned, fine-picked meats and steaks like never before. Atlantis The Palm's name and brand are only validated further in this restaurant.

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Final Words

So this was all about the Best Restaurants to Visit in Palm Jumeirah Dubai. A trip to Dubai is often known for its incredible sightseeing and shopping experiences, but the food is often overlooked and neglected as one of Dubai's top experiences. Palm Jumeirah has the finest dining experiences and lifestyles and a little more, but this island paradise can be found to taste Dubai's best dishes. So get your Dubai Visa and explore the beautiful nation.

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