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Companies in Dubai need the services of a Government Liaison Officer, also known as a Public Relations Officer or PRO. Public Relations Officer services are also associated with activities like processing government documentation and paperwork, which includes visa applications, labor cards, and company trade licensing documents and approvals. As PRO partner group is one of the leading business formations and help providers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, they give the most reliable and cost-effective solution to individuals and companies. In this article, we will know in-depth about PRO Card Immigration Department Dubai. 


Why do companies need PRO Card Immigration Services?

The various activities which consist of PRO services are authentic and legal needs for the companies and the employees of the companies. All the procedures and handled in a correct and in a certain time duration which deducts the unnecessary fines or penalties and challenges that businesses have to face. Even there are other difficulties that the business has to face the employee fails in carrying out activities that might be a huge effect in or outside the business. Activities like to legally work in the UAE, one must have a resident visa or at least a work permit from the authorities, to open a bank account one must have a residential lease, and also use the utilities like electricity and have an Emirates ID.

PRO partner groups are fully equipped with the requirements for all the services they provide. With years of experience with various companies in the UAE, PRO groups have built a very powerful relationship with trustworthy partner authorities, government, and professionals with the legal and audit professionals. Other services that the PRO partner groups give are a customized manner to PRO services, to those services that are specifically only for the business needs. For the government procedures that are very difficult to understand especially for the business who are not aware of the region. PRO partner group makes it easy and convenient for them to proceed with all the documentation and the paperwork.

They also have an experienced and competent team who speaks fluent local languages like Arabic on the field to help and support the foreign businesses to set up their services smoothly with minimal government Liaison Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and all around the UAE. The team also makes sure that there is very good communication for tracking and following up for any support to the foreign business with the services they will need to do the rest of the procedure.

PRO card is issued by the Ministry to any established company and is the one who is willing to authorize an individual to provide and follow up and implement its transactions at the ministry. The PRO card is valid for only two years for the locals and the UAE nationals.


Documents required for the PRO card

  • The labor card copies for the UAE national or locals PRO
  •  Copy of the UAE national and PRO’s passport and family book
  •  Valid certification of good behavior 
  •  Valid business licenses copies and signed specimen cards of employer’s establishments.
  • Copies of the locals PRO’s passport and residency visa.

Rules and regulations

  • The PRO must have a residence visa registered with the establishment
  • The card and residency visa must be valid
  • Only the UAE female is permitted to apply for the PRO job
  • The PRO should not be below 18 years of age.
  • The PRO should be a UAE or GCC national in case that the number of workers registered at the establishment is 100 workers and above.
  • In the case of establishments of more than 100 workers, the UAE national PRO should present only one employer, he can present two employers having establishments with less than 100 workers. 
  • The UAE national PRO should be registered in the pensions authority.

The citizens of the UAE, residents, and establishments are the only ones who can use the PRO services.


Fees applicable for different groups are as follows

1. For someone who isn’t a UAE citizen-

  • Application fee: 27 USD
  • Issuance fee: 136 USD per year 
  • Urgency fee is optional: 27 USD
  • Zajel(courier) fees are optional: 6 USD
  • Collection fee: 6 USD

2. For a government delegate:

  • Application fee: 13 USD
  • Issuance fee: 27 USD per year

3. Free zone delegate for each region/sector:

  • Application fee: 13 USD
  • Issuance fee: 68 USD per year

4. For a PRO who is a UAE citizen:

  • Application fee: 13 USD
  • Issuance fee: 27 USD per year
  • Urgency fee optional: 27 USD
  • Zajel fee optional: 6 USD
  • Collection fee: 6 USD 

Documents that are needed for the UAE or GCC citizen PRO

  1. Complete application form
  2. Color photographs if required
  3. A valid certificate of good behavior from Dubai Police headquarters
  4. E-gate card for GCC citizen and passport copy of the delegate 
  5. A valid copy of the commercial license
  6. A valid copy of the establishment's card


This is all about the PRO Card Immigration Department Dubai you need to know about. To get the Dubai Visa you can apply at Dubai E Visa Online.

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You can check the abu dhabi immigration visa status at the official website of UAE government.

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