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Unveiling New Wonders: What to Explore in Dubai in 2024

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Dubai is known as the city of gold. However, it is more so because it is a city of wonders. From the tallest building in the world to the tallest performing fountain, Dubai has broken several world records with its innovative and futuristic buildings and constructions.

Every year, it seems like something new has been constructed and added to the long list of things you should see in Dubai. And rightfully so, these places deserve a visit from tourists who are eager to see Dubai for all that is there in the city.

In this article, you can find out about all of the new wonders of Dubai. From museums that take you to the future to a library shaped like the traditional Islamic lectern, you can find breakthrough structures and buildings that are worth your time.

All of the New Wonders in Dubai in 2024 You Should Check Out

1. Museum of the Future

Dubai is all about innovative and futuristic innovations. And this museum is the embodiment of that. The beautifully shaped building is one of the architectural wonders that is built to take visitors to the future.

The museum showcases immersive exhibitions. There are three different floors in the building that are dedicated to different activities and exhibitions. One floor is focused on taking you to outer space, showcasing the potential possibilities of our future regarding technology and health as well.

Another floor is dedicated to futuristic technologies in various fields like transportation, water, food, etc. And one floor is dedicated entirely to children, where they can roleplay as our future heroes, solving potential issues that might arise for the world.

With its beautiful architecture, this is one of the wonders that are new in Dubai. Add this to your itinerary quickly and grab your tickets for it too.

2. Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

Another architectural marvel in Dubai is the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library. Shaped like a book stand, this library is a delight both inside and out. The beautiful library built along Dubai Creek is designed in the shape of the traditional Islamic lectern.

This will be heaven for any literature-loving soul. Grab your bibliophile friends or family and spend your day browsing through the shelves at this library.

There are nine different themed libraries, each dedicated to different ages and target audiences. There is a section for young adults, children, and adults, and a wide collection of Arabic periodicals and magazines. In addition to that, there are gaming lounges, a literary museum, gift shops, conference rooms, an indoor and outdoor amphitheatre, and a two-story café.

The treasure trove and the highlight of the library are on the 7th floor. There are rare collections of books, manuscripts, and even the first edition of Don Quixote, written by Miguel de Cervantes in the 17th century. All of the rare collections are said to have taken two years to collect. Some books were acquired through charity auctions as well. The team behind the collection worked hard to find the rarest and best titles they could.

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3. The Palm Tower

The Palm Tower is located on Palm Jumeirah Island in Dubai. It is a man-made island whose structure resembles that of a palm tree enclosed within a circle. Further, the tower similarly resembles the shape of a palm tree as well.

It is a multi-purpose building that has residential apartments and luxury hotels. You can find everything from studios to four-bedroom apartments. You will be living in the lap of luxury if you stay in the luxury apartment facilities offered in the tower.

The St. Regis hotel occupies some of the floors in the tower and is a luxury hotel, so you can be assured that you will have the most comfortable and luxurious accommodation while staying in Dubai.

Besides the accommodation, the tower has a rooftop restaurant, and you can get there via high-speed elevator. And the infinity pool in the building called the “Aurora Skypool” provides a breathtaking 360-degree view of the island and the city.

With the luxury accommodations and other amenities this tower provides, be sure to check them out when you are in Dubai.

4. Terra Sollis

Terra Sollis is a desert retreat in Tomorrowland. There are three different types of accommodations available, whose costs include the food and the pool at Terra Sollis. There will be day-to-night parties that you can enjoy as well.

The first type of accommodation is called Polaris. There are 48 Polaris bell tents. These are air-conditioned tents with queen-sized beds or twin beds. You will be provided with linens and towels, as well as a mini basin and a mini fridge. As for the shower and the bathroom, you will have to make use of the shared showers and bathrooms.

The second type of accommodation is Perseid lodges, which are also air-conditioned and come with a queen-sized bed. Unlike the bell tents, you will have your own private shower and bathroom, which you will not have to share with anyone.

The third type of accommodation and the most luxurious out of the three is the Orion Pool Lodges. It has a king-sized bed and an ensuite with a private bathroom and shower. While it can house only two people for the night, the host is welcome to have up to 10 guests in the morning to have fun during the parties.

The aesthetics for all three accommodations differ and add to the laidback and chic style and intention of the retreat. Along with the room rates, you can get breakfast at the restaurant Mesa and pool loungers there.

If you want a relaxing weekend or a getaway, then this spot is not something you should miss.

5. Sky Views Dubai

Sky View Hotel has an observatory deck called the Sky Views Observatory in downtown Dubai. The decks are situated 220 metres above the ground and visitors can enjoy a 360-degree view of the city. From this elevated point, you can see all around Dubai, i.e., Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain, and so on.

Aside from the observatory, there are edge walks and the Sky Views Slide. The edge walk is where you can walk on a ledge hands-free. You will be harnessed safely and it will be a thrilling experience. The slide is where you will get to slide from floor 53 to floor 52 through the transparent glass.

You can be safe and have exciting, adrenaline-pumping experiences at the same time. Add this place to your list without a doubt.


Dubai tourism is one of the most famous in the world. There is always something new or other that is constructed to take your breath away and increase the global position of Dubai in the world.

The above-mentioned wonders of Dubai are more than just worthy of your time. You will have a breathtaking and once-in-a-lifetime experience in all the places.

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