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is it possible without a transit visa to change terminal 3 to 1 in dubai

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Changing terminals often tends to create confusion, and hence the question arises: is it possible without a transit visa to change terminal 3 to terminal 1 in Dubai?

This is asked by a lot of people, as the terminals are also considered a part of the airport, and hence a lot of them think that a visa might not be really necessary. A Dubai visa normally allows a person to enter Dubai and stay for a period that is clearly specified, and this stay, even though it can be extended, needs permission to be taken by the officers, and a request must also be made. This visa, however, can also be obtained with just some quick steps, as provided by Dubaievisaonline.


  • Changing terminal 3 to terminal 1
  • Changing terminal 2 to either terminal 1 or 3
  • Taking a transit visa when needed
  • FAQs

Changing terminal 3 to terminal 1

There are chances that your flight has landed at terminal 3 and now you need to change your terminal in order to catch your next connecting flight. In this case, most of the people would recommend that a transit visa is needed. However, it is seen that the terminal 3 and the terminal 1 are connected by the airside and hence you need not take a transit visa in order to change your terminals.

Changing terminal 2 to either terminal 1 or 3

The above case was only when you travel from terminal 1 to 3 or vice versa, however, it is seen that in Dubai airport if you wish to transit from terminal 1 or 3 to terminal 2 you need to take a transit visa. This is because unlike the other two terminals being connected through airside this terminal is quite far and will need you to take another flight or a mode of transport in order to reach there. This is why while changing from terminal 2 to either terminal 1 or terminal 3 need you to take a transit visa without which entry into Dubai will not be valid if you are from a foreign country.

Taking a transit visa when needed

Making sure you need a transit visa while you arrive at Dubai airport is quite necessary so that you plan your stay in Dubai accordingly. In case you need a visa there are quite a few options even after you arrive but keeping things ready in advance is much more beneficial than doing things in a hurried manner and the following steps can be used to ensure you have your transit safely:

  • check the time that you need between taking two flights.
  • check whether there is another reason as to why you want to enter Dubai as this will also be verified once you arrive at the airport.
  • check if you have all the documents for a transit visa in case you need one.
  • checking which terminal will your flight land in Dubai and where will your next flight be from

Checking these things will ensure whether you need a transit visa or not when you arrive at Dubai airport which will also help everything move as planned smoothly.

Is it possible to shuttle between terminals without a transit visa

A shuttle service transports transiting passengers between the terminals, taking approximately 20 minutes to travel from Terminal 3 to Terminal 1 and 30 minutes to Terminal 3.If you're a transiting passenger, there seems to be a way to get between the terminals, but you have to take the bus instead of walking.


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