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Dubai Transit Visa at Airport: Your Guide to Smooth Connections

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Getting a Dubai transit visa through an online method is all fine but is a Dubai transit visa available at the airport for all nationalities? This is a need of time and everyone needs to know about it so that both application and travel turns out to be a smooth process. This process in order to be smooth will need you to be well versed about the visa and how it works then only can you apply for one for yourself. Dubai E Visa Online has hence bought you with the best of its services and information to help you get the transit visa that you have applied for to travel to Dubai.


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Transit visa not needed in advance for

Ever wondered you might not be one of those people who need to apply for a Dubai transit visa in order to enter the country. Well, there are countries that have been given the opportunity to enter for free in Dubai, and the visa-free countries that can enter Dubai without holding a visa can be given as follows:

  • All the GCC countries can enter without having to hold a visa and the following are in the list

  1. Bahrain
  2. Kuwait
  3. Oman
  4. Saudi Arabia
  • The following countries can enter as well but will have limited days:

Mexico All European Union citizens Honduras Norway
Iceland Russia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Switzerland
Montenegro Liechtenstein Argentina Barbados
Brazil Chile  Colombia Kiribati
Nauru Paraguay Serbia Solomon islands
Seychelles Uruguay China Japan
Macau Ukraine    


The citizens who belong to any of the listed countries need not take a transit visa as they can even stay for days without taking a visa in Dubai. But this stay will be limited as well. Other than these people there are also those belonging to the visa on arrival list who will not be needed to take a transit visa to Dubai in advance. This is only because they will be able to acquire one as soon as they arrive in Dubai.

Applying for Dubai transit visa in advance through Dubaievisaonline

Ever wondered how much time you could save after you reach Dubai if you apply for a Dubai a transit visa before you begin with your travel. There are quite some advantages f applying for one before as well, these advantages can be given as follows:

  • You can exit the Dubai airport as soon as you are done with immigration checking
  • You will not have to wait in line for hours to get a transit visa to Dubai issued under your name
  • You will not have to carry any documents as everything will be digitalized and stored.
  • You can enjoy the extra time in Dubai exploring the wonders.

These many advantages do say that applying for a Dubai transit visa in advance through Dubaievisaonline will be an absolute boon to you. 

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