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Uncover Dubai's Wonders: Interesting Facts in 2024

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Dubai, in the Middle East, has developed into one of the most popular tourist and commercial destinations worldwide in the last twenty years. It is a quickly growing, opulently wealthy futuristic city surrounded by a long-standing Arab civilization. However, the brand-new attractions and advances appearing almost daily progressively surpass them.

In Dubai, one may explore beautiful dunes and rough mountains just a few kilometres from clean sandy beaches and lush green parks, as well as dusty traditional towns and affluent residential neighbourhoods. Visitors to Dubai can explore the city's historic markets or go to some of the world's biggest and most up-to-date indoor malls. There is no shortage of opulent hotels in Dubai. But for a more genuine Dubai experience, tourists may frequently pay less to rent luxuriously equipped apartments or Dubai villas. Apartment rentals in Dubai provide guests with more value for their money and a fascinating inside view of this unique city.

A Great Rate of Development

Dubai is one of the world's most ultra-modern cities, thanks to the fantastic pace of development currently taking place there. Modern structures like the Emirates Towers and Burj Al-Arab, the highest hotel in the world, dominate the city skyline today. The Mall of the Emirates is the biggest mall outside of North America and has one of the only indoor ski slopes in the entire globe. One of the rare 18-hole golf courses with full lighting is located in Dubai.

  • There are a lot of other intriguing projects being built in Dubai. Among these are a few:
  • When finished, the Dubai Mall is expected to be the biggest indoor mall in the world.
  • The world's tallest skyscraper, Burj Khalifa, was finished in 2008.
  • Ten times more significant than the current Dubai International Airport and Dubai Freight Village put together, Dubai World Central will include the Dubai World Central International Airport and be the world's largest passenger and cargo hub.
  • The Dubai Waterfront Project will result in the world's largest waterfront and artificial complex. It will consist of a network of artificial islands and waterways that will house various business, residential, and resort zones.

Fact #1: It has the tallest building in the world.

What is the most intriguing detail about Dubai's Burj Khalifa, do you know? Its height is comparable to the three Eiffel Towers balanced atop one another. It stands out from other skyscrapers. Visitors from all over the world come to Dubai to take in the splendour of this magnificent example of exquisite architecture. Burj Dubai was the name of the building before its renaming as Burj Khalifa in 2010. With an 828-meter height, Burj Khalifa is the highest skyscraper in the world and the tallest building on the entire planet. It required between 10,000 and 12,000 employees to build its 163 stories. Even now, cleaning the outside requires 36 workers and takes three to four months.

Fact #2: It is where the world's largest mall is located.

One of the most intriguing things about Dubai is that it frequently pioneers new endeavours, with the Dubai Mall serving as a prime illustration. The Dubai Mall is one of the world's biggest malls, with more than 1200 retailers, over 120 cafes and restaurants, and 26 movie theatres. The mall caters to different age groups' interests in travel. It contains a trampoline, ice skating rink, dinosaur, VR park, and more. It is a unique mall and an excellent location for families.

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Fact #3: The largest suspended aquarium is there.

As previously stated, Dubai's capability to stay ahead of the curve is one of its most impressive characteristics. With a 10 million-liter capacity, the Dubai Aquarium Tank is the world's largest suspended aquarium. It is located at the Dubai Mall's ground level and houses a sizable collection of more than 33,000 aquatic animals from more than 200 species. Dubai Aquarium Tank is another entertaining destination for travellers, housing more than 300 sharks and rays, including one of the world's largest collections of Sand Tiger Sharks.

Fact #4: This location houses the most extensive picture frame in the world.

Is there anything that might rival this frame's beauty and magnificence? This Dubai Frame's amusing side note The Dubai Frame, a work of art in architecture, bears the title of the largest picture frame in the world. Another well-liked tourist attraction in Zabeel Park is this 93-meter-wide, 150-meter-tall picture frame. Whether you're travelling alone or with friends or family, this location is ideal for sightseeing and provides an Instagram-worthy backdrop. 

Fact #5: It has the most prominent artificial islands.

The world's largest artificial island, Palm Jumeirah, is located in Dubai, which is a fun fact. Two Dutch specialised businesses, Van Oord and Boskalis, collaborated to build Palm Jumeirah in 2007. Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira are part of the artificial island archipelago known as Palm Jumeirah, stretching Dubai's coastline by 320 metres. What draws travellers there in the first place? Palm Jumeirah is a tourist haven with luxury boutique hotels, entertainment parks, and residential residences.

Fact #6: It has the world's largest airport terminal.

The City of Gold will astound you when you think Dubai can't get any greater. The largest airport terminal in the world is another astounding statistic about Dubai. How large? It contains two zen gardens, a 5-star hotel, a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, and a gym. Even just waiting around at the airport would be enjoyable.

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Fact #7: It was known as the capital of the cranes.

This is an odd but unrecognised fact about Dubai. During Dubai's real estate boom, 25% of the world's cranes were located there, earning Dubai the moniker of crane capital of the world.

Fact #8: Locals drive gold-plated automobiles.

Another fascinating fact about Dubai is that its residents possess vehicles made of gold. The wealthy classes in Dubai own gold-plated cars, which is rather astounding. They drive luxury vehicles like Lamborghini and Ferrari. If you are an automobile enthusiast, Dubai's roads are a visual feast. These flashy cars are a thrilling sight on the city's roads.

Fact #9: Foreigners make up more than 85% of Dubai's population

Fact #10. Before recently, Dubai lacked an address system, a zip code system, an area code system, and a postal service. Due to its rapid growth, Dubai never established a standardised address system. Residents may draw a map or write detailed directions, such as "After you pass the white mosque, it's the first street to the left, blue door," in place of an address line on a mailing label.

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After reading these facts about Dubai, I'm sure you'll be more eager to visit this prosperous city and intrigued to witness firsthand the affluent lifestyles Dubai resident's lead. Pack your bags and purchase airline tickets to discover this Middle Eastern gem.

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