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What's Happening in Dubai in 2023? A Guide for Tourists

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Every year, there are several events, activities, and festivities that take place in Dubai that make the city an ideal destination to visit no matter the time of the year.   

Likewise, the year 2023 for Dubai is also filled with events that are interesting and exciting. So, if you are travelling to Dubai in the year 2023 and looking forward to knowing about all the exciting events taking place, then you are in the right place. Continue reading the article to find out more.  

Furthermore, to visit Dubai, you will be in need of a valid visa. If any event catches your eye, make sure to get your reservations and a visa for Dubai on time. You can get your visa through Dubai E Visa Online.  


Dubai has released the retail calendar for the year 2023. There are several exciting line-ups, from food festivals to fashion festivals. There is an event for people with all types of interests.  

One of the reasons Dubai is as famous as it is among visitors is owing to the wide range of activities you can take part in.

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  • Dubai Shopping Festival  

The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) is a famous shopping festival that has mind-blowing offers and discounts from high-end fashion brands. This festival starts in mid-December and runs till the end of January. Along with the shopping, there will also be activities for children and families. Live entertainment shows and other events will also be organized.   

This is an annual festival that is conducted every year from the end of the year to the beginning of the new year by Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment (DFRE). Tourists flock to Dubai during this period in anticipation of the shopping festival.  

  •  Chinese New Year in Dubai  

Special activities and curated events will be done to celebrate the Chinese New Year. If you are looking to spend the Chinese New Year somewhere that will lift your festive spirit and be totally worth your time, then Dubai should top your list.  

There will be a laser light show dedicated to celebrating the Chinese New Year in Burj Khalifa which can be seen from Downtown Dubai. In addition to that, there will be live events and programs explicitly organised to celebrate the New Year.  

You can also find specially curated food items on the menu for you to welcome the new year.  

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, Dubai is arguably an ideal place.  

  • Spring/Summer Collection Launch and Fall/Winter Collection Launch  

Dubai city is a place that is a haven to update your wardrobe. From all the latest trends to the latest fashion launches, you can grab anything you please in Dubai. The spring/summer collection launch will feature famous high-end fashion brands, and you can catch up on everything new and fresh in that season.  

Aside from the DSF, this collection launch will also do wonders for your fashion. Since Dubai is a city with a summer that is sweltering with scorching heat, you can find the best summer fashion.  

Much like the spring/summer collection, when the winter time comes around, it is time to switch up your fashion to match the climate. You can shop for all things wintery and all things with autumn vibes that are launched new that season.  

  • Ramadan Celebration in Dubai  

To experience Dubai culturally, you should visit during Ramadan time. During Ramadan, there will be loads of offers and discounts on things when you go shopping.  

You can visit the mosques during this time to learn about the religious and cultural significance of the festival. In addition to that, you will have a visually pleasing experience as well.  

Famous tourist attractions will not be crowded around this time and you can get discount prices for the tickets as well. However, the crowds will increase during the evenings as Muslim families will leave their abode for Iftar.  

If you visit Dubai during Ramadan, you should definitely try Iftar. You are lucky if you get invited to an Iftar. Some hotels and restaurants offer Iftar buffets so you can taste the traditional and local cuisine. It is one of the culturally significant experiences to have when you are in Dubai.  

Additionally, RWAQ Ramadan at The Walk is an event that is set up to showcase the culture and art of Dubai. It takes place annually and lasts a month long. This showcase and exhibition will add to your cultural experience of Dubai. Make sure to visit this event when you are in Dubai as well. 

  • Dubai Food Festival  

If you are visiting Dubai, experiencing the local cuisine and the food is a must. You will not have experienced Dubai for all it has to offer if you are going to miss out on the delicious food it has to offer as well.  

The Dubai Food Festival makes sure you get to experience the taste of Dubai to its fullest extent. It's not only about eating, you get to watch live shows and take part in interactive classes. Master chefs from the country and the best local and famous restaurants will also be a part of this food festival.  

  • 3-Day Super Sale  

This is similar to the Dubai Shopping Festival. However, this happens on a smaller scale as it goes on only for about three days. You can find offers of up to 90% off for famous brands in retail stores and malls. The dates for the events are usually disclosed closer to the time the event will take place.  

Keep an eye out for the dates of the Super Sale so that you can best the offers and deals for all the products.  

  • Eid Al Adha in Dubai  

All the celebrations for Muslim festivals light up the city like never before. That is the same case for Eid Al Adha as well. With relevant discounts for products, the souks, and the city is decorated, Dubai will a sight to see.  

There will be live events in Dubai organized during this time of the year that you can enjoy. You will be able to witness the culture and customs of the Emirates as the season will bring to the forefront everything about their festival and tradition.  

  • Back to School Campaign  

Back to School Campaign, true to its name, will offer discounts on all products that are school-related for the entire family. This is the best time for you to visit the shops and grab all the supplies that you need at prices lower than you could ever get them for!  

  • Dubai Fitness Challenge  

The Dubai fitness challenge will take place for 30 days. Every day you are encouraged to engage in 30 minutes of exercise. Several events and activities will be organized and conducted to encourage the participants to keep their bodies moving.   

If you have a fitness goal to reach, stop waiting for the New Year. You should just wait for the Dubai Fitness Challenge so you will be motivated to move your body and give it the exercise it needs along with the city.  

  •  Diwali in Dubai  

Diwali celebrations in Dubai are a five-day-long festival. The festival of lights will light up the city with beautiful decorations. The main festival takes place on the 3rd day of the celebrations.  

The first day is Dhanteras and the markets are usually flooded with shoppers shopping with their families. The second day is Choti Diwali, when people spend their time preparing for the main festival. And on the main day of the festival, you can spend time with your family and enjoy the fireworks by the Emirates.  

  • UAE National Day  

The National Day celebrations take place at the beginning of December. UAE National Day intends to pay tribute to the unity and the growth of the Emirates.  

There will be retail offers, live events, and programs organized during this time to celebrate. All of them were organized with the purpose of honouring their people and their unity. You can also find grand fireworks lighting up the sky.  


Some of the best events to be present in the world are organized in Dubai. You can be assured that when you are visiting Dubai, there will not be a single boring day. It either has breathtaking views or entertaining live events, or mind-blowing offers.  

Now that you know the upcoming Dubai events taking place in 2023, if you haven’t already booked your tickets to visit Dubai, what are you waiting for?  

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