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everything About Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship in 2024

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The ICA is generally known as the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, which offers character identity administration services in the UAE like visa issuance, passport services, etc. 

It likewise offers residency and passage grants for the UAE to non-inhabitants. Here is a rundown of ICA administrations presented to work with UAE inhabitants, nationals, and guests. 

Public Services by federal authority 

ICA gives various sorts of public administrations, which incorporate gathering fine or punishment installments and issuance of single and different passage visas and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Here is a rundown of ICA public administrations in the UAE. 

Kindly note that the visa issuance administrations for Dubai are taken care of by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA). The ICA handles visa administration for any remaining emirates in the UAE.

Fine payment charges

It permits the installment of fines under the 'Pay Fines for Violations of Entry Permissions or Residences' under Public Services on the ICA's true site. You can apply and pay the fine on the web and track the advancement progress after the installment. 

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Visa Issuance For Special Visa Holders 

The federal authority for identity and citizenship  gives quick visa administrations to Indians in the USA, UK, and other European nations through the Department of Entry Permits and Foreign Offices. The assistance permits visas on appearance for Indian residents showing up from Europe, America, or the UK. 

Apply for a visa on appearance under VISA—holders of exceptional visas—citizens of the different countries on the ICA site. The assistance can likewise be utilised to extend the visa for special visa holders class. 

Different Entry Tourist Visas

ICA e-keen administrations likewise offer an e-printout for residents of certain nations who are qualified for visas on appearance in the UAE. You will discover the help under the Visa-Multiple Entry-Tourism for Citizens of Certain Countries tab. 

Different Services 

The different administrations presented by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship are: 

1. Paying flight expenses through land ports and seaports 

2. The 'Update individual data' administration permits residents and inhabitants to change their enlisted  personnel numbers and other individual subtleties on the ICA data set 

3. Charges recovery administration services for any dismissed or rejected applications where a fund demand is required. 

Movement visa for UAE with endorsed stamp 

Apply for UAE long term visas through ICA Golden Services gateway 

The ICA likewise offers golden services,which include long-term visas for the UAE for different classes. Here are the distinctive golden e-administrations accessible on the ICA's true site. 

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Long-term visa for real estate

Perhaps the most pursued service is the various entry-level long-term residency visas for land financial backers or business people. It permits you to get a five-year inhabitant visa without a sponsor. 

This assistance is accessible to qualified competitors who are putting resources into land in the UAE just as business people and exceptional understudies. You can apply for the visa for half a year to conclude the techniques of the drawn out residency (Entrepreneurs-Special Students).

Numerous entry visa for investors 

You can likewise apply for the drawn out visa for general financial backers through the ICA site. This is a different type of UAE visa which offers a variety of entry licenses for a half year, inside which financial backers should finish their residency system. 

The visa can be restored for an additional half year time frame from the ICA site. Apply for the visa for a half year to settle the techniques of the Investor residency. 

Different entry UAE visa for travellers

Skilled people like craftsmen, designers, doctors, makers, engineers with  specialization, analysts and researchers and also students who want to study in UAE etc. can require to apply for the UAE visa. When they apply, they will get a six-month section grant to conclude their residency visa. The qualification contender for this UAE visa. 

But anyone who wants to see and visit the UAE can also apply for a Dubai visa online. It is recommended to apply for a Dubai visa through Dubai e visa online which provides you best customer services without any problems.You can choose varieties of UAE visa as per your purpose of visiting.

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Check UAE visa status online on the ICA official site 

It's likewise simple to check your Dubai visa status utilizing the authority entryway for Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. You will require your identification number, expiry date and other data to actually take a look at the visa status or visa legitimacy. This ICA administration can be helpful for those looking for a "UAE visa check by identification number." 

UAE visa with UAE banner gave by Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship


In this, you will find complete information about the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship and also about the UAE visa details before applying for a UAE visa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the United Arab Emirates, the Dubai Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (DFAIC) is responsible for issuing new national identity cards. This is done in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior. It is also responsible for enforcing laws that apply to the use of these cards, as well as for issuing visas and passports, both of which are also handled in conjunction with the Ministry of Interior. Dubai is filled with the rich cultural heritage that has been developed since the time of the formation of the United Arab Emirates. The city provides a wide range of public services and facilities to make the city a better place to live. To achieve this, the government of Dubai has established the Dubai Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship to provide these public services.

Dubai attracts tourists from all over the world with its beautiful architecture, beautiful landscapes, and luxury restaurants. Dubai is a city full of luxury. The city is also home to many public services that make life easier for residents and tourists. Dubai is the first city in the Middle East with many public services. Governments boast that every citizen has the opportunity to solve any problem they may have. Public service is divided into federal and regional services. The government provides services to the federal government, while the municipalities and municipalities provide regional services.

The public sector is a government agency that has been established by the government. The public sector includes federal authorities, state authorities, and local authorities. The Dubai Government is divided into three levels, each headed by a Chief Executive and reporting to the Ruler of Dubai through the Crown Prince. At the top of the hierarchy is the Government of Dubai, the executive authority of the Dubai Government, which consists of a Cabinet and a Chairman of the Executive Council. The Crown Prince is the Chairman of the Executive Council and is assisted by the Deputy Prime Minister. The Executive Council is the chief policy-making body. It is responsible for establishing the strategic directions, policies, and long-term plans of the Dubai Government. It also approves the annual budget, the State's General Fiscal Budget, the Dubai Government's revenue, and expenditure estimates, and the Dubai Government's Medium Term Fiscal Plan.

The National Health Service (NHS) is the name of the country’s public health care system. It’s a system that is considered to be one of the best in the world, and it’s one of the top reasons for moving to Dubai. No system has been designed to replicate the NHS in Dubai. However, there are many clinics and hospitals in Dubai that offer similar services. While the NHS is public, private hospitals and clinics exist. It’s up to you to choose the option that’s best for you.

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) is a government entity that manages the federal civilian workforce in the UAE. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) is a government entity that manages the federal civilian workforce in the UAE. Established under Federal Law No.5 of 2013, the FAIC is a single entity responsible for the management of all Federal civilian manpower in the country. The authority is also responsible for licensing and regulating private sector manpower suppliers and brokers.

Dubai’s Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) has launched a creditable civilian service to help expatriates to pay their debts, Al Bayan reported. The new service, which was announced on Wednesday, will help those who are unable to clear the dues of their respective credit cards. The service will allow the defaulters to clear their outstanding dues through the payment of a monthly fee, with a period of two years, for the settlement of their debts.

Federal jobs are considered to be the most prestigious jobs in the UAE. They are the highest paid jobs in the country and they are considered to be the best jobs in the world. Federal jobs are provided by the UAE government. The government has a lot of control over the country and the federal departments are controlled by the government. Federal jobs are generally reserved for Emiratis, however, some jobs are reserved for expatriates. There are different types of federal jobs that are available in the UAE.

A civil servant, sometimes known as a public servant, is a member of the public sector who works for a government department or agency. A civil servant or public servant's primary obligation is to the public, rather than to the government, and as such, civil servants are usually not members of the elected government. Civil servants generally serve at the pleasure of the government, which means they serve at the discretion of the government and have no contractual or statutory rights to employment.

A teacher is not a federal civilian employee and can never be. A teacher is always a state employee and not a federal employee. The federal government cannot hire teachers. This is the responsibility of the state or the local government. The federal government by law cannot hire teachers. However, the federal government can give funds to state and local governments to employ teachers. This is the only way a teacher can be paid by the federal government.

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