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dubai visa for a pakistan passport holder living in us

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Visiting Dubai is not just visiting Dubai itself, it is visiting the whole of seven Emirates and its wonders at once. Well, now this whole trip is something that will take a lot of time! While the travel to Dubai is all related to getting some sunbath and some sand in your system. While that does sound quite weird it is not so, when you get a whole different level of world hat you have ever seen here in Dubai. But this travel needs a Dubai visa for a Pakistan passport holder living in US to be able to travel and enter. So here is Dubai E Visa Online to help you get that one Dubai visa that will decide whether you can enter the Emirates or not.


  • Business visa for Pakistan passport holder living in the US
  • Benefits of having a Dubai business visa
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Business visa for Pakistan passport holder living in the US

While there are a lot of trips made to Dubai just for tourism, there are an equally high increase in people travelling to Dubai for business purposes. This big increase in people travelling to Dubai on a business purpose is due to the freedom that is given to each nationality that enters Dubai to conduct any sort of business with full support being provided by the government. The businesses that are being conducted here have a lot of benefits and hence a lot of people do travel juts by knowing this. Being a Pakistan passport holder living in the United States and wanting to travel to Dubai on a business purpose can now be achieved by getting the 90 days Dubai business visa with multiple entries that are given by the government for the foreigner to be able to work in Dubai.

Benefits of having a Dubai business visa

While a lot of other people might think what is the big deal behind having a mere business visa to Dubai. Well, there is a lot to the business visa that a lot of other people have no idea about and some of the benefits can be given as follows:

  • Once you enter the country for a period of six months on a business visa that has multiple entries you will be able to facilitate the procedures of establishing your own business in Dubai.
  • Once you have a business visa being issued under your name you can nominate three of the business senior staff to have a residency visa in Dubai without having to apply for it differently.
  • You can travel around in Dubai and the other Emirates like that allowed in a Dubai tourist visa while being on a business purpose in Dubai. 

With so many benefits of having a business visa in Dubai, having one applied for yourself will definitely help make your travel seem much easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

While you cannot take a look until the visa has been processed completely, what you can do is track the visa processing status and then getting to know when you will receive your Dubai visa.

No, a freelancer visa is given to those who will be working in Dubai on a freelancer basis and not for those who will be conducting business in Dubai. Fr conducting business you need to apply for a Dubai business visa that has been provided by the government.

Yes, you can contact your agency where you have applied for the visa and get it cancelled and once the visa has been cancelled and once you have submitted the required documents you will be able to apply for an employment visa.


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