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dubai transit visa for indian passport holder

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An Indian travelling to Dubai and then to another country which means that you will be transiting through Dubai to reach another country will need you to know about a Dubai transit visa in order to be eligible to enter Dubai. An application for Dubai transit visa for Indian passport holder is not that hard as you think. Being an Indian passport holder you will also have some benefits being made available over other countries as well. So here is what Dubai E Visa Online has gathered out for Indian passport holder who will be soon transiting through Dubai. You can also check out some tips so that you will have a smooth trip to your final destination.


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Transiting through Dubai

Transiting through Dubai means that you will be taking a short while to stay in Dubai while changing your flights to reach another destination. This time that you need to take in between two flights while staying in Dubai can go from hours to days. So you need to be sure as to how much time you will be needed to stay in Dubai for. This will help you decide whether you want to apply for a Dubai transit visa in advance or can you do this even after reaching the place.

Dubai transit visa for Indian passport holders

While taking a transit visa with just an application form being filled is quite simple, there is a drawback that you will face when you apply for a transit visa once you have reached Dubai international airport. Indians who will be flying from any of the Indian states will need you to stay in flight for about 4 hours or more. This is why it is quite exhausting when you reach Dubai. This means that you will have to wait for a visa to be issued to you for another five to six hours in a line this is why applying for a transit visa in advance has been found to be the best option that you can make available.

Applying for a Dubai transit visa in advance

Wondering how to apply Dubai transit visa to transit through Dubai while on your journey to another destination? Then you are at the right place to get to know about it. Dubaievisaonline specializes in getting you the visa in the easiest way possible hence ll you need to follow are some steps. These steps for an application can be done in just three points as follows:

  • Get your transit visa selected for Dubai and fill in the application for the same
  • Make sure you pay for the transit visa through a reliable means
  • Now track your visa status as to when you will get it and once you get it to enjoy your trip to Dubai!

It is just as simple as that. This means that just with three easy steps you will be able to apply for a Dubai transit visa and travel to Dubai without having to wait in big lines and waiting for approval.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes Indian Citizens will need Transit Visa for Abu Dhabi if they are transting from Abu Dhabi to some other destination and have a long layover in Abu Dhabi.

It will take at least three to five days to get your transit visa if an Indian has applied for one through Dubaievisaonline.

Yes, an Indian holding a US visa can definitely apply for a transit visa after arriving at Dubai airport.

Hence you need to apply for a Dubai transit visa if you an Indian travelling to Dubai. This application for a Dubai transit visa for an Indian passport holder can be applied through Dubaievisaonline without having any hesitations. 

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