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Dubai summer sporting event: the dubai sports world

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What is Dubai Sports World? 

Dubai Sports World is every athlete and sportsperson’s heavenly dream come true. Organised by Dubai World Trade Centre in association with Dubai Sports Council, Dubai Sports World is UAE’s largest indoor summer sports arena. It is the perfect place for you to bring out the sporty side in you without getting scorched in Dubai’s harsh summers.


Where is Dubai Sports World? 

Dubai Sports World is located on Sheikh Zayed Road near the World Trade Centre in Dubai. 


Major Highlights of the Dubai Sports World 

Open only for a sixteen-week long indoor summer sports arena camp, Dubai Sports World kicks off with every classic sport like cricket, football and tennis; it also features some unconventional yet fun sports like a Ninja Warrior scene. Costing nothing but rather functioning on a first-come, first-serve basis, Dubai Sports World becomes a major sportspersons retreat. Catering to serious sports professionals to casual hobby players to kids even, Dubai Sports World is the ultimate place to go to for a fun and active summer in Dubai. 


What sports can I enjoy at Dubai sports world? 

Dubai Sports World offers a host of different sports for every skill range, age and interest. Here’s a peek at some of its best gems: 

1. Football: With world-class indoor football courts, you can test out your kicking skills to their full limits. It's a really fun and sociable sport. Football is a sport that is so likeable, because everyone around plays it, and it's a nice sport to play with your friends and family. Football is also a team game, but you can also make a brilliant appearance by being an element of surprise and scoring a goal on your own. 

2. Cricket: Get your dream team of eleven people ready for an energetic and nail-biting game of cricket. There's cricket everywhere, in so many nations, from lanes and streets to schools and offices. From a father's vision to a young hero, the names of cricketers are taken and revered in every house. Live out your cricketer dream In Dubai Sports World’s indoor cricket grounds. 

3. Ping pong: Has the capacity to aid elderly people with dementia, in particular, because it blends physical activity with spatial abilities, memory and social support. Increase your mental acuity and reflexes with an indoor ping pong game at the Dubai Sports World. 

4. Badminton: Is a sport loved all over the world by millions of people with a wide variety of ages. It's a sport that tackles pace shifts, reaction time demands, muscle strength and endurance challenges, and it's heart-pumping fun. Engage in a fun duel of badminton with your friends at the Dubai Sports World. 

5. Padel: A sport usually played in doubles on the enclosed court a third of the size of a tennis court, padel is a happy paddle-sport between ping pong and tennis. Scoring is the same as regular tennis, and the balls used are identical, but with a little less pressure. Explore your love for padel at the Dubai Sports World. 

6. Gymnastics: Is a beautiful sport with many facets to enjoy. It is not only an absolute treat to watch, but it also has a host of benefits for someone who practices gymnastics. With its mind-bending moves that show off agility, strength, flexibility and grace, gymnastics never fails to amaze an audience. Try your hand at practising gymnastics at the Dubai Sports Wolrd. 

7. Muay Thai: The exercise that your core gets during Muay Thai training is even more intense than what you'd get from doing crunches at the gym. Training Muay Thai also helps to improve your flexibility, particularly in the hips. Burn calories and get fit in the most fun way ever with the martial art Muay Thai at Dubai Sports World. 

8. Basketball: Allows for more experimentation than baseball or football because of the variety of playing styles — there are so many aspects of the game that can be personalized, such as shooting technique and defensive style. Live out your legendary Kobe moment by pretending to play for your favourite basketball team In the Dubai Sports World. 

9.Tennis:  Playing tennis can help you get in good shape, but it also challenges your mind in ways that other sports can't do. Great tennis players are all mentally tough, so playing tennis can only improve your mind so help you out in other aspects of your life. Get an intense sporty workout in with an energetic tennis match at the Dubai Sports World. 


What other facilities and amenities does the Dubai Sports World offer? 

The Dubai Sports World also offers a range of coffee shops, restaurants and healthy eateries to fuel and satiate your energy needs throughout the day. The biggest worry associated with sports is a fear of sustaining injuries. In the Dubai Sports World, you need not worry about this aspect as they provide highly skilled and certified medical professional care with a top of the notch response rate. 

Live out your wildest sports fantasies at Dubai Sports World on your next trip to Dubai.

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