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a complete guide to the dubai international film festival

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Dubai international film festival is without wonder a place where all the stars gather on earth! Some might feel this is quite an understatement, but this is actually the truth where else can you get to see such wonderful people all gathered under a single roof. With this festival being conducted, it is a delight to see all of the stars from around the world getting nominated and getting awards for their acting! This festival is about 16 years has been the absolutely leading festival in the Middle East within which there were so many achievements and there were screenings of about 500 movies made by the Arab filmmakers themselves.

This festival is of immense importance in the Middle East as it is through this festival that over 200 filmmakers got worldwide recognition and were able to showcase their talents. This festival also aimed highly at finding new talents and bringing them out to the world while also giving them recognition and opportunities to build their career.

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Timeline of the Dubai international film festival

The Dubai international film festival was initially started with respect to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the UAE Vice President and the Ruler of Dubai. This festival is being conducted by Dubai entertainment and media organization. It was first held in the year 2004 and had the main motive of bringing out this wonderful world of Dubai to the world's front! And it is actual that it was because of this festival, Dubai did rise in recognition.

The first-ever film festival had a total guest list of 13000 people from around UAE and other regions and had a work of over 400 staff members and over 76 films were showcased here. This first festival edition was an absolute success.

The second festival edition took place in 2005 and till then the festival had risen in popularity and had a lot of people coming for the event. There were a total of 30,000 people which means that over double the people had attended this event and made it a grand success. Some Indian film directors including Yash Chopra among others received the lifetime awards as well.

In 2007 it came across as a challenge to raise all of the Arab films to much popularity with the conduction of this event. Similarly, in 2009 there was much progress in the Dubai film market. It was by 2012 that there was an immense attraction from Hollywood actors and had introduced new awards for the filmmakers as well. In 2015 there was the conduction of the film festival and had hit the recorded audience list along with other great achievements such as movies in about 40 different languages were being showcased.

However in 2018, there was the cancellation of the Dubai film festival which was quite a shock, however, in 2019 December it was back with a boom and had reached the heights of showcases. However this year due to the spread of corona, Dubai international festival 2020 is hanging by a thin thread!

Hence celebrating talents of various actors, filmmakers, and the staff this event is still in full swing and will always be one to look at!


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